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Silver Cross Jet Stroller Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller

At a glance:

Jet is the all-new, ultra-compact lightweight travel stroller that folds so small it can be used as a piece of cabin baggage stowed away in the overhead locker and it can be wheeled like a small suitcase. Jet also includes a handy cover to keep everything tidy whilst your on your travels. Suitable from birth up to 15kg, Jet has a soft padded lie-flat seat, multi-position recline and adjustable calf support to ensure your little one is comfortable whether a baby or toddler.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Clare: I would recommend this buggy for travel. It collapses to be nice and small, which is great for holidays, journeys or small cars. However, I am not sure it is value for money. I really like the concept of this buggy and the compact size but actually found it quite difficult to put up and down. I think there are similar cheaper buggies available.

Rebecca: I would recommend the Jet. Although it is more than I would personally spend on a stroller if you have multiple children it will be more beneficial and an investment. I love how small and compact it is when folded, especially the little bag that comes with it for protecting it whilst travelling or being stored.

Therese: I would recommend this product because it has features that make it a great buggy for travelling. It is easy to fold, is compact and is light to carry. It is light and easy to manoeuvre and has a small turning circle. It looks stylish and performs well as an occasional travel pushchair. It would be good for those who are going to be travelling fairly often.

How did this product make your life easier?

Caroline: The idea of a lightweight travel buggy that fits in an overhead locker is very attractive and would make travelling easier, knowing that the buggy could be kept with you and not face potential damage in the hold. When folded, the wheels make it super easy to pull along, rather than having to carry it like the majority of travel buggies.

Hannah: The product would make my life easier because it is particularly light and easy to carry. It has a handle that you can use to either carry or roll the product once it is folded down. The product folds up into a very small well-contained shape and would be useful if you have limited boot space or are going to take the product on holiday.

Harriet: The brake system on the Jet is great and something I haven’t seen on other strollers. The colour coding and the lock on/release switches minimise the risk of accidentally releasing the brake. As a nervous first time mum, I really appreciate this braking system and felt confident it would hold my daughter safely. I loved the manoeuvrability of this stroller. Its narrow frame means it is perfect for manoeuvring around tight spaces. Because it is so lightweight, it is easy to push one-handed and quick and responsive at changing direction.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gill: I think that the Jet is a contender to win the best stroller because of it's unique selling point. It is so compact it is able to fit into the overhead lockers on flights, which I think will be a big hit with families as it will mean that there's no more dragging children to the baggage claim as you can put them straight in the buggy.

Laura: The ability to take this onto a plane is a really unique feature and it is the main selling point of this pushchair. Other features that I like are the brakes, which have handy red/green buttons that make it really clear if the brake is applied or not. It is easy to use, easy to apply the brakes or take them off.

Anouk: This stroller might be a winner as it's really compact and light but also sturdy and very manoeuvrable. I am not sure if a rain cover is available and I would need to see the longevity of the wheels as they are quite small. The one-piece handlebar gives the opportunity to easily push the stroller with just one hand which makes lifting it up a curb quite easy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Paula: The upright position. It was not comfortable for my baby to sit upright in the stroller as it needed to be a bit higher. He was always pulling himself up or sitting without lying. Otherwise, I loved the product as it is. Some of the clips and buckles are a bit hard to do when the product is new and I did have to get used to clipping the straps on. The five-point system of the straps is clever.

Ruth: I would put some netting on the basket as when walking downhill things fell out of it which was frustrating and could have been dangerous on a road. It would be useful if the strap which allows you to recline the main seat pulled the webbing through evenly on both sides as when reclining the seat quickly I pulled one side through more than the other so the seat was reclined unevenly/on a slant. I also had some issues when collapsing the pram with the brakes as it prevented me being able to wheel it once compact.

Rebecca: If I was to change one feature about this product it would be the basket underneath. One of the key things I need with a travel buggy, after its size when collapsed, is the basket size. The basket on the jet is almost unusable due to the tiny size and the fact it has a big bar across the middle of it. If you do get anything in it, it is likely to fall out because the front of it slopes down. Some netting on the basket would prevent this. 

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