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Out ’n' About Nipper Double Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Bronze Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair

At a glance: 

We love how robust this all-terrain double buggy looks, whilst still being super lightweight and easy to push. With quick release removable wheels and an easy fold, getting it into the boot of your car is a doddle. There isn’t a great deal of storage but it’s a small price to pay.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: This pushchair makes my life easier as a mum as it is one of the better pushchairs I have tried for two kids. The amount of storage available is a godsend. The storage under the pushchair is separate for each seat making it ideal for finding things stored. There are also pockets on the hood which is easily reachable and very useful for storing hats, bibs, etc. Through the peepholes, it is easy to check on the little ones while on the move. The big wheels and suspension let you go almost anywhere and featuring an easy to use the brake, I feel completely in control of the pushchair.

Elizabeth: Being able to get two toddlers in the same pushchair is amazing! It makes life so much easier. I only have one child but we took my child and my friends out for the day and only took one pushchair which was great. I saved so much space in the car having to only take one and not two. Given its size when in use, it collapses down to a great size and was easy to do so. This also makes life easier as a mum because complicated pushchairs are a nightmare!

Rose: This double buggy is fab! It’s lightweight, really easy to steer, thin enough to get in and out of doors of shops, etc. It’s really simple to open and collapse again and being one-piece makes it easy to get into the car. However, having said that I found it a struggle to get into my boot given its size but it is a double buggy so going to be big. The straps I found tricky to operate and I didn’t feel like they were very long so maybe tricky when I was using it in the winter with winter coats however I only have only used it in the summer.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Holly: Yes I would, it was incredibly easy to set up, but the lever was a bit stiff on the wheel. But I imagine that would loosen in time. Very easy to fold and unfold. The buggy is very easy to maneuver and the brake is very easy to use, no kicking or stamping on a brake needed. The handle is adjustable which is handy if you're only 5ft like me but your partner is 6ft. The two seats are separate so you can individually recline them. Each hood had a mesh window so you can see your children along with extra pockets handy for a purse, keys or mobile phone which is good as the basket underneath is small. The height adjuster for the strap is easy to use and there are inserts for the seat that is easy to install as they are attached with Velcro.

Alice: I would recommend this buggy to a friend firstly because it feels so nice to push. My children liked it as the seats are comfortable. The buggy folds easily, there was no need to take it apart and therefore it is easy to transport. I really liked the way the back zipped open so that there was just a mesh and the children got a breeze.

Carolyn: I would definitely recommend the Nipper Double to a fellow mum. I love that it is a single piece fold and there’s no dismantling required to fold it down to store. I also really like the fact that the seats can independently recline fully to totally upright. Meaning that your little ones can lie flat for sleeping or sit right up for eating. They are also really easy to recline with the use of a drawstring (although it can be slightly tricky if your little one is a baby or asleep as it is much easier to do if there isn't any weight pressing on the backrest.) I have tried out so many buggies where the full incline station ill has quite a recline on it and my little ones would get frustrated with not being able to sit up. The fabrics are incredibly easy to clean as you can just wipe them down with warm soapy water. You can also remove the padded liner to give it a better clean.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jessica: I would choose the Out’n’About Double Nipper above others on the market for the following reasons. Firstly I prefer my children to sit side by side so they are able to interact with them and I do not feel guilty for putting one below the other. Secondly out of the box, the nipper comes with two padded seat liners, rain covers and a bumper bar meaning that you only need to buy a cot should you wish to use one. Thirdly the large under-seat storage is deceiving and you can get much more in them than you’d expect. Finally, this is easy to push single-handedly and although a side by side pushchair it fits through the majority of doors.

Rose: I definitely think this product is up there with one of the best double buggies that I have tested. The buggy is so user-friendly, lightweight and manoeuverable. Personally, I think it should come with a storage compartment underneath because if you have two children you often have lots of nappies clothes, etc. The straps I found tricky to operate and I didn’t feel like they were very long so maybe tricky when I was using it in the winter with winter coats however I only have only used it in the summer.

Sammie: Overall I wouldn’t choose this pushchair. Although the pushchair is very efficient and easy to use and cost-wise it’s much cheaper than other doubles. I don’t like how the pushchair looked. I feel quality-wise it appeared “cheap”. I dislike using upright seats for young babies and prefer a pushchair that has the baby bassinet part.

What changes would you make to this product?

Carole: I would change the height adjustment of the handle. My husband is 5ft 10 and he felt the handle was about as low as he could comfortably use when at its tallest setting. If he was taller than he is, he doesn’t feel that he would be able to get the handle to a fully comfortable position.

Michelle: The fact I have to really think about this makes me think it's really a great all-rounder. If I had to find something I would say the basket size, although I appreciate this can't really get much bigger given the design of the pushchair. So on that basis. I'm not sure what I'd change! I like that it comes in a variety of colours too - another bonus.

Carolyn: I think if I was using this from birth then I would definitely have required more storage space. The pockets are great and you can squeeze lots in there but having newborn twins means carrying a great deal of paraphernalia. It would be great to have some kind of detachable shopping basket to use in the supermarket. I often tea the kids shopping in the buddy as its easier than trying to push them around in a trolley so this would be ideal!

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