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Out ’n' About Nipper Double Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Bronze Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair
  • 2020 Bronze Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair

Out ’n' About Nipper Double at a glance: 

The Nipper Double is an excellent solution for parents who require a multipurpose pushchair for two. With an extensive range of features it is the ideal choice for use with twins or children of different weights and ages. A smooth ride is assured for both parent and children thanks to the independent rear wheel suspension, 12" pneumatic wheels and swivel front wheel. At a slimline width of 72cm the Nipper Double will glide through all standard doorways. Weighing just 12.8kg the Nipper Double makes for easy handling, it is the ultimate solution for family life.

How did this product make your life easier?

Laura: This is a really easy stroller to use. It’s comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. It’s not as wide as I expected it to be which means it’s so much easier to get through doors, etc. Also I am impressed by how much storage there is in this stroller. Each seat is also comfortable for the little one as it can lay very flat or upright enough for little one to see out easily.

Tascha: The Double Nipper is excellent, it covers the different needs of the 2 children whilst providing comfort and flexibility if you have children of different ages as it is also suitable for a newborn. I feel it offers a lot of comfort and although has many features, they are all very easy to use. It has a sturdy design and I would not be worried about going somewhere where I was unsure of the type of terrain.

Katie: This double pushchair is a brilliant all rounder. It fit perfectly through a standard door way so great when your out shopping. Has great amount of storage space with makes mums life easier. Some great feature on the pushchair including storage shoots, four storage pockets and a nice sized basket for your bags. It is very quick to put up and put away. It has quick release wheels which is brilliant when coming to put in the boot of your car.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katie: I highly recommend this double pushchair. It’s very light weight making it so much easier to steer and it’s perfect when out on a long walk. It comes with larger wheels but you can purchase the small everyday light weight wheels which makes it a lot lighter for my mum who suffers with back problems. The pushchair has generous size seats for children and takes up to a good size in weight. Very easy to adjust to sitting up or laying down also. I loved the whole design of the Out 'n' About nipper double. It was so easy to fold away to put into my car. When the children were sitting in it they looked so comfortable with plenty of sitting room and plenty of foot space.

Victoria: There are so many reasons why I would recommend this pram. It is fantastic value for money compared to other doubles on the market. It looks smart, handles well, comfortably seats both young babies and large toddlers and is easy to collapse. The different weights of my two youngest is well distributed and it feels very stable despite my son weighIng a lot more than his baby sister. It also handles well when only one child is in it so if great when my toddler wants to walk. In addition I am able to attach bags to the handle bar (with a buggy clip) and the weight does not cause the pram to tip over which can be a problem with many prams. It is really narrow for a double pram and fits through doorways with ease whilst still allowing my toddler plenty of room in width and length.

Laura: I’d recommend this stroller to another mum if they required a double stroller as it’s so easy to use which is exactly what you need with two little ones on your hands. It’s got great suspension to make it really comfortable over most surfaces for little ones. The best thing is that despite it being a double stroller it’s surprisingly light.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Victoria: I absolutely would choose this over other prams on the market. I really do think it should win an award for design and functionality. It handles so well on all terrain - I have used it off-road many times and it has performed so well and can be pushed one handed with ease. I love that both my newborn and toddler are so comfortable in this pram and it is fantastic to find a product that suits both ages so well.

Tascha: The Double Nipper is a winner for me. As any parent knows you need to pack everything when you have little ones, there is plenty of storage. Easy access storage compartment on the hoods is perfect for your mobile and purse. There is several storage compartments that are easily accessible and more than enough to pack wipes, nappies, spare clothes etc. Other buggies on the market are simple fold up designs, children need to be comfortable for you to be able to enjoy your time outdoor's as well.

Natalie: I do think I would choose this product over others on the market purely because it is so sturdy compared to other doubles which have wheels that are very thin and the build and design also thin! I feel comfort is key when it comes to buying products for your children so this would Definitely want to make me buy this product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natalie: Although I love this double buggy, it doesn’t have a lot of space to store items. If I were going to the shops with two little ones in this, there would be nowhere I could pop things in. It has pockets on the side but one would be used for a rain cover leaving not much space for anything else. It does also take up a lot of room in car boots, however if you are buying any double buggy they all would, I think the chunky wheels, although make a smooth and comfy ride, do make it bigger than other doubles.

Lydia: Personally I would like to see a drink holder for the Mum's that need a coffee or tea to keep them going. I think a small compact puncture repair kit would be ideal and a nice touch too. I do feel that the tyres may need attention when out off roading and could leave you in a situation if you have a puncture.

Hannah: I only found two issues this this double buggy, one is that the hoods are very loud when moving them, which caused my child to wake up everytime I moved them. Although it’s probably to ensure they stay in place when it’s windy. The other is the wheels could be prone to punctures when walking in different terrains.

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