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Ickle Bubba Discovery Max Pushchair Review

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At a glance:

The Discovery Max Pushchair by Ickle Bubba is a luxurious and ultra-comfortable pushchair that's ideal for getting out and about with your little traveller. It's suitable from 6 months, extremely lightweight, and the front wheels are designed to be used on bumpy terrain - so anything is possible with this one. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Caroline: This pushchair is so convenient compared to some of the other bulky travel systems. When compared to other pushchairs it also stands out as the styling looks great for the price. It fits easily into the boot of your car and is so light to carry. Very, very easy to convert from folded to pram position. The fabric is wipeable so is easy to keep clean. The hood goes forward enough to properly cover the occupant if there is a small shower and there is a useful peephole in the top so that you can check your little one is ok. There is also a pouch on the back of the hood for you to pop bits and pieces into. It also comes with a useful cup holder and rain cover. Under the seat, there is a well-sized storage basket to match.

Sara: This product makes your life easier because it is less bulky (although still too big) compared to a traditional pram/travel system and can fit in the car etc easily. It makes popping to the shops easier because it is quick to get it and my toddler in and off we go. As you use your feet to fold the buggy, you can have things in your hands which is easier. With the cosy toes, you do not need to worry about blankets or your child getting cold.

Nikki: This pram made life easier as a mum with a toddler who only falls asleep on the move! It is so easy to adjust the pram from sitting to lying back. It made walking our little one to sleep so much easier. My parents often have our little one as well and being in their seventies this pram is so lightweight and easy to use it made things much less stressful for them. It also fits beautifully in our small car with room for everything else. When dashing about, in and out of the car, this pram is so easy and quick to put up and down it makes life on the go that much easier. I would also suggest that this pram is excellent for travelling due to its small and easy nature.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Verity: I’d recommend it to another mum as it has all the functions of a pushchair but it also has a lovely design. The leather handles and trim make it look very designer without the price tag. As a new mum, it’s nice to have a pram that looks good, I’ve had lots of compliments. The wheels don’t have spikes which makes it look good but is also easy to clean. 

Emma: I would recommend this to a friend who wants an easy everyday pushchair which is also stylish. It was easy to push around one-handed which is useful. I would also recommend this product because it is easy to use and would suit someone who wants to be able to open and close it one-handed. The product is easy to clean and practical.

Katie: I would highly recommend this product to other mums as it looks great, is comfortable for the child and is very lightweight. The pushchair is easy to steer and copes well on different terrains. Its features mean it adapts well to different types of weather, for example, the footmuff is great in winter and the sunshade is brilliant in summer and has good coverage. The pushchair folds down easily and takes up very little room. I definitely think it looks like it would cost more money than it actually does.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennifer: This buggy is an excellent piece of kit and for someone looking for a compact lightweight stroller I would highly recommend this one because it's easy to use and looks really good. Other lightweight strollers I've used in the past aren't quite as steady nor do they push as well as this one does.

Eilidh: This buggy seems more comfortable than other pencil buggies on the market as it was quite padded. It was also quite stylish compared to similar buggies although I was not keen on the colour of it. It has a good-sized basket on the bottom and feels quite sturdy. It is quite long when folded and I struggled to get it into the boot of my car.

Christine: I would choose this product over others on the market. The quality of the buggy is excellent, it handles really well, and the extra features of the foot muff and rain cover add good value for money. For me, the stand out feature is the silky soft foot muff/seat liner which comes with the buggy. So luxurious it made me want to have a go!

What changes would you make to this product?

Nikki: There are two things I would change about this pram. The first thing I would change is the undercarriage. It would be useful to have more space under the pram in the basket, however, I am sure by doing that you would sacrifice the nice small size of the pram so I understand the small design of the basket. The second thing I would change is the handles – I would prefer one handle rather than two as it makes single-hand pushing and control easier when needed. This is not a major issue but would make life easier when you have your hands full or if you have two children and one wants to carry while the other needs pushing. 

Sara: I would change the way the buggy folds and the fact that when you do fold it down, it’s a nightmare to click in so when you lift it up it just comes unfolded again. Because it doesn’t fold very small it remains bulky and difficult to store and in my opinion, defeats the point of getting a pushchair. Equally, it is not the easiest pushchair on the market to unfold. It is not quick, and these should be the most important things when considering a pushchair in my opinion.

Lydia: The main issues that I found with this pushchair were the small shopping basket, and also the fact that it felt quite difficult to hold and carry. This would be a problem if you were at an airport or carrying other bags and children. I also found that the folding mechanism was not very intuitive, but once I had done it once it was fine.

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