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Joie Baby Litetrax 4 Review

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At a glance:

“The Litetrax 4 allows the child to travel in comfort and style from birth to four years. Its fully reclining seat allows newborns to travel in the lie-flat position and converts into a travel system with Joie's 0+ car seats. It also includes an adjustable leg rest and a large hood with a ventilated panel. The Litetrax 4's swivel wheels allow for easy steering and lock into a fixed position for better control over bumpy surfaces. Its simple one-hand fold tucked in the middle of the seat allows it to be easily folded away.”

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: This product is so good. I’ve been looking for a stroller this for months and months and how I missed this I don’t know. I struggle to find a lightweight stroller that manages to lie flat and has an extendable hood. This was a great pram and the overall look I think the price is really good too. 

Shannon: This product makes my life easier as a mum in a few ways. Firstly, the one-handed fold is a lifesaver. The ginormous extendable hood with mesh panels has been great for both windy and sunny days. It comes with two cup holders and a tray with a lid as standard which is unheard of on a low-cost stroller.

Sarah: This pushchair enabled me to get out and about around town easily as it folds up easily and relatively small whilst still retaining sturdiness. It was useful to act as a general all-rounder pushchair for my child. The pushchair has an easy push-and-pull folding mechanism which is really handy when trying to assemble/fold with a small child.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Claire: I'd recommend this pram as I believe it's been made with that extra thought to make life easier for a mum. For example, having a drinks holder is extremely handy to have. It was good not having to juggle my coffee with shopping bags in town. The basket is a good size, it's sturdy on different surfaces which I didn't expect due to its slim build. It is also very stylish and well made and I believe all these different factors make it cry good value for money.

Tonileigh: I would recommend this product to my mum's friends because it’s very sturdy and solid, whilst being very easy to push and the seat recliner is great too. It folds down very well nicely compact for the size of the stroller. Also, I love the colour. It's very up-to-date and in style! The basket is very big allowing you to store toys or extras you might need on your journeys.

Jemma: I would definitely recommend this to a fellow parent. It's well-designed, lightweight and compact. It is stylish and so easy to use with many different features added to comfort your child. The fabric is really good quality and easy rubs clean with a damp cloth. It would also be easy to use on public transport being small and compact.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kirsty: I don’t think I would opt for this particular one compared to competitors as there were too many minor things I found frustrating. It was relatively lightweight, so as to be easy to transport but not so lightweight as some, it, therefore, lost the rigidity and sturdiness of a heavier pushchair without making up sufficient advantage on the ultra-lightweight pushchairs. Also, I am not convinced it fits from birth. My 8-month-old seemed too small even on the smallest settings for it. The straps were fiddly and I felt he was going to overbalance.

Samantha: I wouldn’t choose this product on the market I have tried other Joie strollers that are so lightweight and easier to push. One thing that is useful about this product is the sun canopy. It does save you having to buy an extra parasol for the pram. But again, how often would you use that? I think it’s more geared up towards newborn. 

Rebecca: Yes definitely. I think it’s everything a mum wants in a stroller. It’s so nice to push! It’s sturdy and the hood offers great protection. It had a really handy cup holder section, the basket is massive and can fit so much stuff in and it’s great that the tires are puncture free. I definitely think this product should win. I have had a lot of strollers and this one is great, I wish I had found this one first.

What changes would you make to this product?

Shannon: If I could change one thing about this product it would be that after you fold it one-handed, it could be freestanding instead of something you have to lie down in the durst or find something to prop it against. If you are needing to fold the pushchair one-handed because you're holding your baby, then not having to faff trying to stand it up somewhere would improve it.

Tonileigh: I would probably change the size of the basket. I like to be able to fit at least a blanket in there and a bag, but the basket on this one is very tricky to get in there and would cause a lot of rumbling around. I pretty much like everything else about the pram and wouldn’t really change anything else on this product.

Sarah: I would say that it would have to be how the child is strapped in. Compared to other competitors, the straps were difficult to adjust and also my smaller children (even at 9 months and 9kg) did not fit particularly well into the pushchair. Similarly, the pushchair only goes up to 15kg and a large 2-year-old did not fit in.

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