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Koochi Speedstar Lightweight Buggy Review

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We love the bold and stylish look of this pushchair. The umbrella-fold makes it easy to pop up and down, and the lockable swivel front wheels make it reasonably manoeuvrable on smooth ground. It’s not free-standing when folded, and access to the basket is tricky, but it’s great value with lots included.


Tested by Zoe Lester, 24, mum to Isla, six months. She says: 

This is very impressive – a wonderfully bright and stylish design with a changing bag, footmuff, raincover and cup-holder included. Isla seemed very comfortable. The non-adjustable handle is perfect for me, but my taller partner found it uncomfortable. Overall it’s an excellent-value buy, and is easy to push and fold.

Tested by Lizi Brown, 39, mum to Beatrice, 12 months. She says: 

The print is too gaudy for my liking, but the build quality won me over. It’s light without being flimsy, and really easy to use and manoeuvre – it’s perfect for popping to the park and nipping round the shops. It’s quick and easy to fold, and a dream to use on public transport, although it did spring open once and very nearly beheaded the cat!

Tested by Amanda Hemmings, 43, mum to Calleigh, 18 months. She says: 

Very lightweight, but I found it difficult to manoeuvre. It’s impossible to push one-handed – I had to stand still to answer my mobile. I had cramp in my hand after pushing it, and was forced to walk like a catwalk model to avoid stepping on the wheels! The basket’s inaccessible when the seat’s reclined, so I ended up weighed down like a mule.

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