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  • 2019 Silver Mother&Baby Award Winners for the Best Pushchair

At a glance:

Whether it be an all-day outing on cruise control or just a quick spin around the neighbourhood, the Nuna MIXX is ready for the stroll ahead. With four riding modes, two crazily compact ways to fold, and one sweet, sleek sleeper seat, the MIXX is designed with all the little details in mind so your adventures in parenthood can be that much easier. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Emma: I would definitely recommend this pushchair to other mums. It’s lightweight and easy to steer. I steered it over some grass and rough terrain and it handled really well! I think my little one looks so comfy and secure in it and that’s the most important thing for me. It folds up and down really easily and isn’t heavy to lift into the boot of my car. It folds compactly and fits into my small boot. It is pretty wide at the rear wheels so it is sometimes hard to manoeuvre around tight spaces. However, the stability outweighs that.

Channing: I would recommend this product. I loved the easiness of the folding on this pushchair. I also enjoyed the options of world-facing and parent-facing. The sun visor can be extended right down so that my little girl is protected. The bumper bar was great as I attached my little girl's toys and she played with them whilst we were walking around. The wheels were sturdy so that I was able to push it up kerbs without having to lift it pram up. I would recommend this pram for its value for money and the ease of folding/packing away.

Hayley: I would highly recommend this pushchair. It is fun, durable, easy to manoeuvre and has a wide comfortable seat with adjustable footrest for a growing child. It comes with an added extended sun visor, a rain cover and a full footmuff. I love how easy it is to fold and to adapt the handlebar to your height. It's a fab pushchair which comes with some lovely hidden extras.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tracy: I found the Nuna Mixx very easy to use, although heavy to push. I liked how it folded and the fact I could fit it in the boot of my small car. The basket underneath was brilliant. It was nice and big and I could fit everything I carry about for my three-year-old and eight-month-old.

Gemma: I love love love the Nuna Mixx! It has everything all packed into one beast of a pram. It folds in one so there is no need to mess around at the car! The designers have really taken the time to add extras that are simple but definitely welcomed such as the small pocket on the back of the chair and the secret zip department in the basket. I love it!

Talisa: The Nuna Mixx is a godsend! It makes my life so much easier. It is so easy to push and is lighter than most travel systems. It makes my life easier as my daughter enjoys being in it. She usually puts up a fight with me but with this stroller, she doesn’t. She looks so comfortable and enjoys being high up as she is very nosy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Shona: I think the Nuna MIXX stands out because of how comfortable it is, not only for my daughter but for me. This is down to the quality of the fabric used throughout. It looks nice and folds up easily to store it and put in the car. I definitely prefer my baby facing towards me at the moment but another good aspect is that it has a reversible seat. When she decides she wants to see what is going on in the world I can turn it around.

Zoe: My daughter loved this pram. The position of the belly bar was great for her to hold on to and the five-point-harness was comfortable for her and very secure. The recline feature on this pram is very good. During the heatwave, I had to take her out for a walk in the pram for her to fall asleep and she was very comfortable. The seat position stays the same yet the back reclines to lie flat which I've never seen with other pushchairs.

Shannon: I would definitely choose this product over all others on the market, especially with such a low retail price. For the price of some strollers, this pram system can see you from newborn to toddler. I loved the size of the wheels, the pockets to store possessions on the back of the pushchair, the basket but especially how easy it is to fold.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: I would change the hood. It does the job as it is, but I would like a bigger hood that extends a bit further down. If you are able to pull the hood down further this helps my little one sleep. She is too nosy when she can see right out. It is not a massive deal but can be a lifesaver with a tired baby!

Sarah: I would make the wheels better. I’d have loved this buggy a lot more if I could have used it all of the time rather than just while out in the town. I would also make the basket underneath a bit bigger. There is not a lot of room for shopping. I wouldn't change the folding mechanism as this is already very good.

Channing: I would try and make this pram lighter as everything else is really good. If you have another child, trying to manoeuvre this pram would be quite difficult especially when trying to fold it. This would be particularly difficult when folding it into the car or going on public transport.

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