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Whether it be an all-day outing on cruise control or just a quick spin around the neighbourhood, the Nuna MIXX is ready for the stroll ahead. With four riding modes, two crazily compact ways to fold, and one sweet, sleek sleeper seat, the MIXX is designed with all the little details in mind so your adventures in parenthood can be that much easier. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Therese: A real strength of this product is the ease with which you can collapse it and change modes from front to baby facing. This makes life a lot easier as you can make adjustments easily and while out and about. It is also light relative to other models, which made getting it in and out of the car relatively easy too.

Rebecca: The Nuna MIXX has many great features that would make my life as a mum easier. The way it folds in one movement and into one unit (unlike some that have to be separated into two different parts) The large wheels make it easy to go over rough terrain. The great hood with extra zip-out section so you can get a really good cover for your little one in the pram (really great if your little one is asleep and you want to keep them that way!) The fact you don't have to pay extra for car seat adaptors, footmuff, and rain cover, as every penny county when your a mum. The simple switch function from front-facing to rear-facing. It's nice, big and easy to apply the foot brake. It has a great big basket too! 

Kate: The foldability of the pushchair makes it really easy to use. The fact that you do not have to take the seat off the pushchair to fold it means that it is much easier to use than other types of travel systems – it is more similar to a lightweight stroller in this sense which is great. It is also really easy to pick it up and put it in the car – you can just grab the handlebar and the seat bar once folded down which provides an easy-to-hold grip.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: I think that this is a market leader. Something more compact and lighter like the yoyo might win for transportability, but if you're not looking to fit this into an overhead locker on the plane it is a fantastic all-rounder. The one stand-out feature for me is the way the seat reclines with almost full canopy coverage, along with the cooling mesh airflow material, which can make on-the-go napping in hot weather easier.

Jennifer: I think the multi-functionality is a big plus, the quality of the fabric is excellent and the ride quality with all the springs meant my little one was very well looked after. I enjoyed using it as it was superbly simple and we had lots of space for any accessories and things like that. I would recommend it to a friend based on those things.

Fiona: The product is quite bulky and heavy and I have seen pushchairs of a similar size that have folded down smaller. Although it is heavy and quite smooth to push it did not feel very sturdy at times. However, there were a lot of positives about this product; it was very attractive and comfy and the details were appreciated.

Would you choose this product to win?

Ruth: This pram is a very attractive pram - it handles well over most terrain. It has a rain cover, footmuff, and car seat adaptors all included which help keep costs down. I like the fact it goes from birth up to 20kg which means it should last you well into the toddler years. The pram folds down into one piece which helps for getting it into and out of cars. The brake is easy to use and obvious when it is on or off.

Jacqui: I was very impressed with this product, particularly the smoothness of the ride for my daughter, the ease of folding it down, and the ability to push it one-handed. I really liked how high the seat was and how upright my daughter sat in it compared to other buggies on the market. I feel like it is excellent value for money – it feels like a premium buggy but is priced below other equivalent buggies on the market and for that reason, I believe it is an excellent candidate for the best pushchair.

Emma: Overall, I wouldn’t choose this product above all others, because I feel that whilst it is a good pushchair and I like its style and functionality, I could purchase a whole travel system for a similar price. Additionally, as far as I can tell, this pushchair does not take any generic car seats, but only its own branded car seat. This really limits the flexibility of the pushchair if you already have a car seat and were hoping to use it in conjunction with this pushchair, or if you have multiple pushchairs.

What changes would you make to this product?

Angella: The only thing I might change would be the colour of the hood – the white is not ideal for using with grubby babies and children and could easily get marked or stained and does not seem to be removable to wash. I would choose a different colour if I were to purchase it myself. Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything about this pram as it meets all of my needs and is really satisfying to use!

Fiona: I did not find that the pushchair felt very sturdy to push my daughter in, which was surprising considering the size and feel of the product and the fact that it was quite large and well made. I do not know what it was about it that made it feel like this but in comparison to other pushchairs, this is what I found lacking slightly.

Catherine: I really like the pram, so there is not a huge amount I would change. I might make the handlebar go slightly higher as I am quite tall. This would be useful for taller parents to avoid overstretching your back, but this is only a minimal consideration as it is not uncomfortable to use as it is. Sometimes the lock mechanism catches on one side, but this may just be user error and it does not happen often.

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