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Nuna Mixx Next Review

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Pack up and go anywhere with the MIXX next. On the move, it’s a smooth ride with all-wheel suspension which is ready for any terrain. Suitable from birth, you can Maneuver daily life with one hand and fold the seat flat for a deep, relaxed sleep. Packed away, the retractable rear wheels fold into the frame, allowing it to fit into tighter spaces, so you can take more trips to more places. The no re-thread harness, oversized UPF50+ canopy, all-season seat and one-touch breaking system, complete the MIXX next.

Find out what our real parent testers thought of the Nuna Mixx Next...

How did this product make your life easier?

Debbie Bennett says: The Nuna Mixx next is a fantastic buggy that has proven excellent in all areas I have tested it in. The ability to remove the winter seat cover and have breathable mesh is a stroke of genius for those hot summer days! It's great both on the pavements, on grass, in woods - everywhere I have tested it. The fold down is straightforward and doesn't require constant checking of the instructions like some buggies! The seat position is nice and high which means I don't have to bend down as much to strap my child in. The basket is generous and due to the higher seat, there is plenty of room to slide bags in/out without disrupting a sleeping child. The ability to lie the seat flat (one-handed) is brilliant for sleeping but also found it useful for being able to change nappies on the go. It's hard to tip over which is sometimes a risk with buggies - it seems very well balanced. The canopy extends far down with UVB protection so no fiddly sun umbrella is required!

Laura Brown says: This pushchair is lovely. What really stood out to me as a mum is the way the pushchair folds down into a compact space and that it is easy to move once it is collapsed. The pushchair is aesthetically pleasing too. I like that my baby was up quite high. Also, it was really easy to switch from mum facing to front-facing. The chair section was really light to turn around easily. Storage is secure too and it’s quite a good size. Handles for mum and baby are comfortable to grip. The lining can be removed easily to clean.

Charlotte Buckett says: I really liked the fact that this buggy collapsed easily and in one piece. This meant that it could fit in the boot of my car easily and still leave me with space for shopping bags etc. The frame was compact and really easy to push, even with one hand. The seat reclines back to almost flat, which meant my son could sleep comfortably whilst we were out and about.

Nuna Mixx

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Tascha Claridge says: I would recommend the Nuna Mixx stroller based on the design and it offering flexibility depending on the Mum's or child's needs. It has the option for rear or front-facing, which I feel is so important if using for a newborn. Which with this stroller you can as it has 5 reclining positions also making it perfect for a sleeping child too. It definitely looks cosy! You wouldn't need to purchase another stroller down the line if using from newborn as it's easy to adjust for an older child. It is great to open up and close down and I didn’t find it too heavy to transport in/out of the car. The build quality is superb, it feels nice and robust and the suspension is great for those more adventurous walks.

Katie Dann says: The pushchair is a brilliant design. My 2-year-old sat very comfortable with plenty of moving space. It is nice and light which makes it easier to steer so I do highly recommend it. The Nuna car seat was also very comfortable. I liked that it was built to clip straight into the car with no hassle. This saved a lot time. It was designed to grow with the child. Highly recommend.

Christine Day says: The design of the Nuna Mixx oozes quality. The fabric is beautiful and stylish. Not only does it look good, but it feels good to push. It requires very little effort because it's so well made and sturdy. The Nuna Mixx folds away surprisingly small so not only does it fit in your house without taking up too much room, it fits in your boot with no problem.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kelly Frazer says: I think this product should win above others as it does offer lots of great features such as it has an easy fold and small compact size. I like how comfortable the seat is due to the quality of the materials used and it does fully recline but if necessary, you can purchase a separate carrycot for newborns.

Helen Grieves says: I think this product should win over others due to the quality of the pushchair, the price point which makes it accessible to lots of people and the versatility of the chair. Being able to use it from birth through to toddle means great value for money. It also folds down smaller than others I have tried which makes fitting other things around it in the car that much easier.

Hannah Leland says: In my opinion, the Nuna Mixx Next is a really good contender and pays for its self by the number of boxes it ticks - big wheel, good basket size, and access to basket, stylish and good quality, food fold, easy steer, not too heavy, not as big folded as other big-wheeled pushchairs, good size sunshade.

Nuna Mixx

What changes would you make to this product?

Emilie Murphy says: The only tiny thing is that I found the handlebar a little slippery / too smooth. It made me feel like I didn't have as strong a grip on it for some reason. This might just be me though! I'm nitpicking ultimately though as I thought it was perfect. The only other minor thing is perhaps some kind of tray attachment so you could give them a bit of dinner in it if you were out and about.

Lydia Nicholson says: If I had to give one thing to possibly change, which is very hard as it was such a lovely, perfect, adaptable pram. It would have to be that I found the straps a little fiddly as they all come apart easily and trying to strap a fidgety toddler in, I found it a little challenging trying to connect all the straps. I’m not sure how this could be improved as I do understand why the disconnect but maybe they would stay attached unless you unclip them so you don’t have to attach them all every time, as every time you undo them they seem to all disconnect.

Celine Ottaway says: I would make it easier to lift into a car when it is all closed down. The pushchair is nice and compact once folded down, however, then lifting it into the boot of my car wasn’t the easiest. I think either a little handle or something would have made it easier to lift. I would hold on to the handlebars but there was nothing really to hold on to the other side of the pushchair base to lift into the car.

Product Information
  • Suitable from birth to 50 lbs
  • Size: L 32.7 x W 23.6 xH 45.3
  • Size when folded: L 27.5 x W 23.6 xH 19in
  • Weight: 28.30 lbs (without arm bar and insert)
  • One-touch, rear wheel braking system is strong and responsive
  • Easy to flip the seat and switch to bassinet or travel system modes
  • Quick release five-point harness for secure strolling
  • True-flat sleeper recline for quick naps on the go
  • Five position recline: easily adjusts with one hand
  • Adjustable calf support with integrated footrest comforts little snoozers
  • Super convenient, automatic quick-click fold lock and trolley function when folded
  • Height adjustable push bar

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