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Nuna PEPP next Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller

At a glance:

The Nuna PEPP is a lightweight, compact, sturdy pushchair. It opens and folds with one movement and fits easily into a smaller car boot. Its nifty size means that it lacks storage space and hanging a bag on the handles topples the pram.

How did this product make your life easier?

Eleanor: This is nice and lightweight and easy to lift into the boot of my car. As well as taking it back out and unfolding it in a hurry. It also means that when I've been going uphill with my son that it's been a much easier journey. Also as it's grey and quite neutral it means that it can be used for your second baby as well as it's quite a timeless design. Putting my child in this was also quite easy as it's a roomy seat and gave my little one lots of room to stretch out and not feel too restrained as he loves to stretch his arms out. Strapping him in with the buckles also seemed quite a bit easier than other models of prams that I've used and required a lot less fiddling about in order to secure it. The sun guard that extends from the pullout hood is really great as it's really a necessity and saves me from having to purchase an additional parasol or sunshade. It's helped my son fall asleep really easily too as it blocks out quite a lot of light and distractions and has turned into one of his favourite places to curl up.

Sarah: The PEPP Next Stroller has made my life easier as a mum as its lightweight, easier to get in and out of the car and I'm sure this would make travelling in public transport much easier. It folds flat and stands on its end and is easy to store away and get into the boot if your car. Because it is lightweight it is easy to carry while holding the baby or you can pull behind to make life that bit easier. I love the extended hood for day time naps and keeping the sun off my little one.

Kimberley: This is a smart and stylish buggy, its light and easy to manouevre and was comfy for the little one to sit in. When folded the buggy stands which is most useful compared to others we have used that do not stand and rollover. The sun visor to the buggy is very big and really useful with blocking the sun out and it is also very easy to get up and get down. There are some features that I would not recommend thought comparing to others in the market that are a little more value for money compared tot he RRP of this buggy - the chassis frame of the buggy is very wide vs the seat - its quite odd to look at and detracts from the stylish appearance of the seat. The clip to hold the buggy together is manual and does not 'click in and out'; additionally, the ability to lower and raise the back of the seat is odd with the zips, it results in the seat is very low and at quite and angle vs others on the market. There is also no cup holder/bits holder and the basket underneath is very small.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Meg: I would definitely recommend it to city mums out and about and looking for a stylish easily manageable buggy option. I wasn’t familiar with the Nuna and now I would certainly have considered it for my main buggy. It’s not perfect on the grass in a park for example as I felt my bugaboo was more smooth but perfectly fine for everyday use. 

Allainah: I would definitely recommend this product to a friend as I found it a very smooth buggy to push and seemed very comfortable for my son. I liked that it had 2 levels of recline and 2 levels of cover, including a black section to help when little one was sleeping. My favourite feature of the buggy was how small and lightweight it was, making it easy to transport as well as use without compromising on quality. The buggy had wheels that locked in place to make it so that you had good control and movement and I felt this feature worked well and it maneuvered around corners with ease.

Jennifer: The buggy was lightweight and it was easy to buzz around the shops with it in no time. I found it much easier to push than my usual buggy and there was plenty of space in the basket. The buggy was easy to put together and the ride quality was great. My little one was superbly comfortable in the seat. I love how neatly it folds up.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kerry: I think I would choose this product for its lightweight and compact design as strollers can be quite bulky and harder to store. I liked that you can wheel it along folded up with ease so if you were at an airport, for example, you’d find life a lot easier. It’s also much easier to fit in the boot of a car and the fabric and quality are lovely. My toddler really loved it too!

Eleanor: Personally this isn't the pram for me. I feel like the wheels really let the design down. They are too small and as there are four wheels and not three, it doesn't manoeuvre very well around corners. This is why I'd recommend it for city life and not country life as I can see them getting stuck in mud and puddles very easily. If the wheels were larger though, I feel that this would make it a lot easier to take out on bumpier terrains. The zips that control the angle of the seat are in theory a nice touch, but realistically mean there are only 3 settings/angles that your child can sit at and I usually need to have a little more flexibility on that. It's also quite hard to raise it back up as you usually already have your hands full with something else and doing the zips up with a child sat inside seems more difficult than it needs to be. This pram is lovely, but in my opinion, it needs a few changes made first in order to be a winner. Namely the wheels and the wheel axis so it's easier to manoeuvre.

Rachel: I feel that although it is a little more expensive than some strollers on the market, it does seem a lot more sturdy than some of the other strollers I have seen. I feel it is really good for the purpose and will have a good lifespan on it. I do feel I would choose this stroller over others in the market.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica: Overall with the Nuna Pepp next I feel it is perfect for what it says on the box, being a lightweight stroller! The only thing I would probably change is that I would prefer to have. A two-handle push on a stroller rather than a pram style bar I fee it sometimes restricts manoeuvres and also I would try and increase basket size. 

Eleanor: The wheels would be my number one thing to change. It can sometimes feel a chore having to push a pram around with small wheels, but if they were twice the size, the pram would still be compact enough but would take a lot of pressure of pushing a heavy load around. The fact that they're all plastic is great for durability and longevity, but the lack of suspension and shock absorbers means that your child can have quite a bumpy ride. Also if they were trying to eat or drink anything while you're on the go, then be prepared for them to make a mess if there are any bumps in the road.

Sarah: More colour options. Maybe my taste isn't classy enough but muted colours don't excite me very much or make me look forward to using a product. Other than this very subjective cosmetic issue, it is a sturdy, safe and practical stroller. If I could change more than one thing I would also make the base narrower, the storage basket roomier and the frame lighter.

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