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Silver Cross Sleepover Review

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If you prefer traditional elegance, then this beautifully designed head-turner is well worth a test-push. The lie-flat position is suitable for overnight use, and it’s easy to convert from the lie-flat to sit-up position.

However, be sure to thoroughly test one out before buying, since its size and fixed wheels make it less manoeuvrable than compact swivel-wheel models.
On the plus side, the excellent suspension is good for soothing young babies to sleep. It’s not a practical choice if storage space is limited or you’re reliant on public transport. 

Vicky Parker, 38, from Leicestershire, is mum to Sofia, eight weeks. She said: ‘So luxurious – I wanted to join Sofia in this! The steering takes some getting used to, though. That said,
this is a thing of beauty that everyone who sees it remarks on appreciatively.’

Caroline MacPherson, 33, from Buckinghamshire, is mum to Delphi, six months. She said: ‘Impressive, luxurious and beautifully made, but I found it too big and impractical for daily use.’

Charlotte Kewley, 32, M&B’s fashion editor, from London, is mum to Isabella, nine months. She said: ‘The suspension was so smooth Isabella kept going to sleep, which is a real rarity! Beautiful for sure, but certainly not compact.’ 

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WEIGHT: 13kg 

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