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BabyStyle Egg Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Travel System Awards

At a glance:

The egg pushchair from Babystyle is a multi-terrain pushchair with the style conscious parent in mind. Outstanding engineering creates the perfect ride for baby and ultimate ease of use for parents.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Dani: I would recommend it to another mum because I love the design. It’s so spacious and trendy. I love the fact it doesn’t look like a typical pram. My daughter loved it and is such a happy baby when we are out and about. However, I think the only downside is how heavy it is. I'm quite a small woman and found it tricky putting it back in the car.

Elizabeth: The positives this pram has that make life easier. It was a very smooth ride for my little one and collapses very easily. I liked the compartment in the foot area of the seat where you could put keys or phone. I actually thought that was genius! I like how the handle height was adjusted. It is easy to figure out and operate. This is a key consideration for us as a family as I have a very tall husband and so many prams make him stoop.

Emma: It is so easy to use. It folds really simply and the carrycot/seat unit clips in really easily. A car seat can also be clipped on with the adapters supplied. The design of the pushchair is stylish and luxurious. I had several compliments on the 'serpent' finish when out and about with the pushchair.

How did this product make your life easier?

Beccy: One of my favourite things about the egg was how high the handle went. I am quite tall and sometimes I struggle with other pushchairs if they are a little low. The changing bag with the fixings meant it was really easy to transport and so stylish. The fold of the pushchair meant it was easy to collapse which is handy if you needed to do it in a hurry.

Karen: This is possibly the best, most beautiful travel system I have ever used. As a self-confessed pram addict, this is now the top of my list! It was so easy to push and manoeuvre. My baby was so comfortable in the carrycot and luckily for me, he was also old enough to try the seat. He was so safe and comfortable in this pram. The fabric was really beautiful and the attention to detail really made the travel system stand out.

Louise: This pushchair made life easier. It handles very well when pushing it, it has ample space underneath in the basket and the adjustable handle is brilliant! I particularly like the little compartment at your baby's feet for your keys or purse. The little sunshade/insect net hidden underneath is a lovely little touch. The hood comes over quite far to shade your baby from the sun. The lining is reversible from furry to cotton which makes it a year-round winner.

Would you choose this product to win?

Abigail: I think this pushchair should win. It is such good quality. Everything feels so sturdy and looks very smart. The seat liner is a luxurious bonus and makes my little girl feel very comfortable and snug. There are some lovely hidden features on this pushchair. The mosquito net is neatly tucked under the footrest. There’s also a secret compartment under the footrest to put your phone and keys in. The brakes are great to use.

Amy: I don't think I would choose this product above all others on the market. I feel there are other similar options which are less expensive and have some better features. The basket is quite small and low at the back so things could fall out of it easily. My current travel system is easier to push on uneven ground.

Dani: Other than how heavy the pram is I absolutely the egg. I think it’s fashionable, easy to push around and has lots of space for bags and shopping items. It definitely made my life easier as a mum when out and about. I think it should win as I believe lots of other mums would love the egg and would feel as good as me pushing it around.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: I found the apron/cover on the carrycot really stiff due to the fabric it was made of. It was difficult to unzip and hold back to take my baby out. I’d rethink how it fastens to the carrycot or the fabric it was made out of. I also prefer a pushchair with a deeper basket. This one was fairly shallow and would be better if it was deeper.

Beccy: I would make the basket deeper. It's a decent size, but it is so shallow you can't really store that much in it. As someone who doesn't drive, the compactness and the size of the basket are deciding factors for me, as I need space to get my shopping home. I would also add a cup holder as standard. I think that would be a great addition.

Karen: I can't imagine that I would be able to use this pram as my baby gets taller. His head was very close to the top of the seat already and the hood was close to his head. I wouldn't necessarily increase the size as I think this travel system is amazing value even if you did only use it for 18 months. However, some parents may worry that the product hasn't got the longevity they expected.

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