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Munchkin UV Mini Steriliser Review

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  • 2021 Silver Best Steriliser/Sterilising Product
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Munchkin UV Mini Steriliser at a glance: 

Kills Bacteria & Viruses FAST!In JUST 59 seconds, this powerful little steriliser eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs.Simply wipe off any visible dirt or grime from the item, drop into the steriliser, and wait 59 seconds to sanitise.This small device is easy to throw into or attach to a purse or nappy bag, so when you need it, it's right at hand. Perfect for use in the home, but extra handy for public spaces such as daycare, playgrounds, doctor's offices, airports, and more.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlene Glews says: It is a handy product for when out and about. Although previously I would just use some hot water as I'd take a flask to enable me to make the babies bottles when out and about. It has been nice to test this product as it would not be something I would normally purchase as I feel it is a nice to have product.

Michaela Symes says: With my first baby I used nipple shields throughout my breast feeding journey and I really wish I had this product. This time round I have bottle fed but I use the mini stereliser for my little girls dummies. It's been brilliant to know that if the dummy is dropped on the floor I don't need to have a few spares I can just use this machine and they are clean!

Carla Tarry says: This product has really made my life easier because it’s portable, light and easy to use. I love that it’s small and can fit in my babies changing bag. I have actually attached it to the bag, so it doesn’t get lost in amongst everything. This means I can just quickly steralise my little ones dummy with very little fuss.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Jodie Taylor says: I absolutely love this product and would without a doubt recommend it to a friend/fellow mum. The actual case fits very well inside and outside my changing bag, and takes up as much room as you would need with a pot containing a few sterilised dummies. Its such a great idea, so easy to use and to charge! 59 seconds is nothing to wait either, especially when your little one is attached to one specific dummy! I was shocked too at how cheap this products price point was, I envisaged it to be more £30-£40.

Amy Turton says: I would recommend this product to other mums because it’s so much easier to clean some of baby’s little things particularly when walking or driving and there’s no access to water or home sterilisers. I’m always conscious about keeping my kids things clean, especially things that they put in their mouths, so this product definitely comes in handy.

Rebecca Vine says: I would recommend this product due to how compact and quick it as at cleaning. It's a very clever design. It's easy to wipe down as well. I think it's priced really well for what it is. I would be happy to pay this. I think alot of mum's would find this so handy when out and about and worried about germs especially for younger babies.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Bethany Williams says: I would definitely choose this product as it is so quick and easy to use you can use it as many times a day as you want or wish too. You can either do it by electrics or if you put batteries in the machine then you can use for out and about which is so handy if your baby throws the dummy on the floor. It’s very compact and light weight too.

Ellie Wolf says: It should absolutely win. Other travel sterilisers require milton tablets and water, but this product requires nothing to be added, it;s so simple and quick. It only takes 1 minute to sterilise so it really limits the amount of time that your baby is without a dummy. It's a bit more expensive than others on the market, but worth t because you don't have to keep buying the milton tablets. The only thing you have to replace is the batteries, which are relatively inexpensive.

Jessica Williams says: I think it is really handy, works well, and is very easy to use and transport. However, it can only sterilize pacifiers, and then even only one at a time. I think for a travel sterilizer it is great, but I think the fact that it is limited in what it sterilizes means that it would be a close runner up but I don't think it should win.

What changes would you make to this product?

Claire Wood says: I was a little disappointed to have to supply my own batteries, for £19.99 I would of liked to of seen one set of batteries included. It’s good you can use a USB while at home though so you don’t go through as many batteries. Overall I think this product is an excellent idea and I will use this steriliser over my Milton dummy ball now.

Bethany Williams says: The one thing I would change about the product would possibly having a rechargeable battery in the machine instead of using disposable batteries. If you could charge it up by the mains and then say it last for 24 hours by the rechargeable battery that would be great instead of having to buy batteries to use it without having to plug it into the mains.

Michaela Symes says: I would add an extra UV testing strip incase you don't read the instructions clearly the first time round. I'm normally one for just skimming the instructions but because I was testing it I really read through and I think it would be easy to put the testing paper the wrong way round so having a backup would be great because there really isn't any other way to know that this product is working.


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