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GroEgg 2 Thermometer and Nightlight Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Safety Product

At a glance:

The GroEgg 2 has all the same qualities of The Gro Company's original nursery thermometer. The GroEgg 2 comes with some additional, improved features including a new sleek, silicone design which is 33% bigger and brighter, making it softer to touch and even easier to see at a glance. It makes it easier to check your little one is resting at the correct temperature. In addition to an innovative colour changing system and handy temperature display, the GroEgg 2 has adjustable brightness allowing it to be used as a nightlight or to find a light level that suits your baby.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kirstie: The design is cute and the materials used are soft and flexible. There is no concern about breakage or sharp pieces that could hurt little fingers. It’s easy to set up and use, easy to clean and transport to different locations. The light on the GroEgg changes colour depending on the room temperature. The large numbers mean it is easy to determine how warm or cold the room is.

Sophie: I would recommend this to a friend as it's easy to operate and is a soothing night light. I think the product is good value for money giving parents instant peace of mind that they are dressing their children appropriately for bed. The design fits perfectly within any nursery design. It is easy to clean as there are not many parts.

Isabelle: I would recommend this to a fellow mum as it is very easy to see the temperature. If you can't see the temperature then you can see the colour of the egg and know by that if the room is too hot or cold. It is great as it can be used as a nightlight for little ones or for night feeds without the need for a bright ceiling light.

How did this product make your life easier?

Aditi: The GroEgg is pretty much essential for every nursery as a night light and a thermometer. It is useful from baby to toddler and even older child. The GroEgg2 is soft ss it is made from silicone, which is excellent and safe for children. The temperature display is clear and easily visible. The three brightness settings are useful when being used as a night light.

Rebecca: The GroEgg 2 makes my life easier as a mum as it helps put my mind more at rest where SIDS is concerned. I love that I have a 2-in-1 room thermometer and nightlight. The product comes with instructions that advise you on what to dress your baby in depending on the temperature reading shown. This is helpful for a mummy like me who’s always worried I’m under or overdressing my little boy.

Sarah: This product makes my life easier because it tells me the temperature of the room where my baby sleeps. This helps me know how to dress her to ensure she is not too hot or too cold. At a glance, I can see it what the temperature is and decide what she is going to wear.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tina: I like this product as it’s quite a good size, soft to touch and with a toddler constantly touching things it helps that it looks like it wouldn’t break. Our current baby monitor also has a temperature gauge on it with a night light so there are other products out there that do offer combined video and temperature control.

Carolynn: Yes. There are other thermometers on the market but I like the GroEgg 2's design and simplicity. It has a futuristic look and is a plug-in so it is easy to use. The colour change depending on temperature is unique and the main USP. The product has a warm glow as a nightlight, which is conducive in maintaining sleep for the little one. It is reasonably priced for a product with two functions. The temperature display is bright and I can see it in the middle of the night which gives me immediate reassurance.

Jenny: It is unique and I am not aware of another product like it. I would happily pay the money for it as it's been worth its weight in gold. It's soft, easy to use, fun and friendly. It is really easy for the kids to use and I would highly recommend. I've bought one for my friends baby shower.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirstie: I would make the temperature reading also change colour so if you chose to have the colour settings off you can still quickly see how warm or cold the room is at a quick glance. I would also put an option for music or a lullaby with a timer setting. For either pre-programmed music or with an option for you to record your own.

Sophie: If I could change anything on this product it would be the soft silicone dome. I felt that now the dome is soft that squeezing it would be an easier way of changing the lighting level instead of having to pick it up and press the button on the base. I would also change the temperature display. I feel the display of the first design was easier to read as it's higher up and in a dark colour.

Isabelle: I would make the button to change the brightness easier to get to. In the middle of the night, it can be a bit of a pain to pick up the egg and press it underneath. Especially with a baby in your arms. If it was touch sensitive that would be fantastic or even just a button on the front so you do not have to pick it up to change it.

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