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Vital Baby Nurture Pro UV Steriliser and Dryer Review

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Vital Baby's UV steriliser cleverly kills 99.9% of bacteria keeping your baby (and the whole family) healthy and happy. What's different about this sterilising method? Using only UV light from special LEDs, this clever machine has been proven to destroy bacteria after just 11 minutes without the need for liquids, chemicals, heat, steam or sterilising solution. 

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Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

Zoe: No water or chemicals are needed for sterilising, which makes it less messy than other products, such as steam. It is also possible to store items for several days and keep them sterile, which I don’t think is possible with other methods. The items are dry when removed for use as well, which is unusual.

Jill: I had never heard of a UV steriliser and had to do a search of the internet when the product arrived. It is a dry steriliser that uses no chemicals and has no requirement for me to be boiling large pots of water or putting things in my microwave. It is very effective and efficient. The equipment sterilised can be used immediately, no need to leave it to dry or cool. There is no risk of scalds from hot water or steam. I like that there are no chemicals used. The steriliser looks good sitting in the kitchen as well and from my reading is more energy efficient compared to other electronic sterilisers.

Jocelyn: Most sterilisers I have seen advertised, and indeed have previously used myself, have been water-based. I think the idea of a steriliser using UV light is very novel and appealing - in a way, it sounds almost futuristic and certainly more modern than the usual options. This unit is also marketed as being able to dry your wet items after you have washed them, which is appealing if, like me, you get annoyed with bottles and teats sitting around waiting to dry and taking up space. You can also the unit it to sterilise other items - an example given is a TV remote control - so it opens this item up for use beyond the baby sterilising years. This obviously means better value for money.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Jocelyn: My baby is breastfed, but I express milk at work and feel better if I sterilise my pumping equipment and bottles after use. I returned to work at 6 months, so have been expressing at work and leaving bottles for her to use during the day. Although the guidelines for breast milk bottle prep is different from the guidance for formula, I feel better knowing that my bottles and expressing equipment are sterilised every day. Previously, with water-based sterilisers, I would end up leaving the bottles and pump kit to dry overnight as they were too wet and hot when the steriliser initially stopped running. With this unit, it’s great to know that I can have equipment that is clean, dry and ready to use again within 41 minutes if I wanted to.

Jill: My partner is working away and so it is just myself and my baby, and this product makes sterilising everything straight forward with very little effort. I do not get much time to eat, shower and do household tasks and this product means that I am not spending my time sterilising. After a wash and dry I put everything in the steriliser, press a button and it is all done and ready to use as soon as the cycle is complete without additional drying or being too hot to touch and use.
It reassures me that any equipment I sterilise is properly sterilised and this gives me the confidence to freeze and store my pumped breast milk without the fear of contamination. I have worried in the past that when I am exhausted I will not sterilise properly, which could cause potential harm to my baby but with this steriliser, I press a button and I know that everything is sterile.

Zoe: It didn’t really change anything about life with my baby, unfortunately. It takes 11 minutes to sterilise bottles compared to 10 minutes in microwave steriliser, so no time benefit. It is quite nice that expressing equipment is dry and cool for use.

What excites you about this product?

Zoe: It is an interesting idea to use UV rather than chemicals or steam for sterilising. The fact that you can store items in it for a few days and keep them sterile is also a nice concept, although I’m not sure when I would use this feature in reality. It has quite a large capacity, which I didn’t really make use of as I only give an expressed bottle every week or so, but if you were sterilising several bottles for the day it would probably be very handy.

Jill: It really is just so easy to use. There are no chemicals, no steam or hot water. No risk of scalds or burns, with me being able to use equipment immediately. I really like that I can sterilise almost anything quickly and safely and it is more energy-efficient.

Jocelyn: I think the concept of water-free sterilising is exciting. It means less mess, less fuss, quicker use afterwards as the items are dry and ready to go. The flexible cycle times mean you can choose how long to run the steriliser and how long you’ll have to wait, being able to individually dry or sterilise is handy too. The idea of being able to sterilise other items like toys or even mobile phones is quite exciting as with a baby who wants to eat everything, it’s nice to know that they’re not putting too many germs into their mouths! I think the running costs being low is exciting too, especially if you’re planning to use the steriliser for a long period of time. 

What one thing would you change about this product?

Jill: There is very little I would change about this product. As I mentioned above I really do like it and although would never have known to even buy a UV steriliser I would now purchase one and recommend it. The only one thing I would say is that, as with most baby products, it is not cheap at a time when money can be tight, however, I recognise it is a new innovation on the market and is cheaper than other UV sterilisers that I managed to find on the internet. 

Jocelyn: Firstly the steriliser is quite clunky. It’s just a bit too bulky and square and takes up quite a bit of space. In our kitchen, the steriliser sits out on the work surface so it does get in the way at times. However, if you were using it every day, then it would make sense to sit out. 

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