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WASuP Organic Wasp Sting Relief Review

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  • 2018 Shortlisted Innovation of the Year Awards
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At a glance: 

A product designed to take the worry out of wasp stings, these little capsules can easily be carried in your changing bag, and popped to soothe stings when needed. Our mums loved the reassurance this little product gave them, but wished it could be used for other rashes and stings. 

What they say:

"This device was born out of necessity when my two-year-old was stung by a wasp and there was nothing available to buy to relieve it. I subsequently discovered that the old wives’ tale about vinegar soothing wasp stings appeared to be true and have been using it on my children ever since! I wanted to try and make such a simple effective remedy accessible to everyone and spent years thinking of ways to do this. The result is WASuP – a portable device which releases a bamboo wipe when activated (be sure to press hard, preferably on a flat surface) which will be soaked in organic apple cider vinegar, ready to unroll and apply to the sting in seconds."

Tested by mum Ashleigh Carpenter for the Mother & Baby awards 2018:

Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

I’d never really thought about what I would do if my daughter got stung, but since receiving this product I’ve thought about it and I’ve honestly never seen another product for wasp stings on babies. When I received this product I really thought it was a great invention. It is such a great idea because I think like me, a lot of parents wouldn’t know what to do if their baby was stung.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

It is so easy to just carry in my changing bag and offers me the peace of mind that if my baby was stung, I would know what to do. A few days after receiving this product I was on a train and there was a wasp flying about and I was scared my baby was going to get stung. I had the WASuP product in my bag, so if she had been stung, it was reassuring to know I had a remedy to hand.

What excites you about this product?

I love the packaging! I tested opening one of the capsules and it is so easy! Knowing that if my child got stung it would only take a matter of seconds for myself to pop the wipe out of the packaging and place it on the sting is such a relief. I also love the size of it, as it’s small enough to pop into one of the pockets in the changing bag.

What one thing would you change about this product?

I’m not a fan of the smell, however as I understand it’s the natural products that’s make this product great! Another thing I’d change is possibly writing somewhere on the packaging what the product does at first glance, or what to use it for if someone else was looking after my baby.  

Tested by mum Gemma Gooch for the Mother & Baby awards 2018:

Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

This product is different because of the great packaging, ideal to throw in the bottom of a handbag. It also has all organic, natural ingredients. I liked that it has been designed and tested by a mum and seems perfect for busy family life, with clear simple information.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

The fact that this product is so neat to carry with you in a handbag, I could be ready to react to a sting straight away, whereas previously I would have had to go to and find a chemist, delaying treating my child.

What excites you about this product?

This product seems ideal to carry with you just in case. So instead of buying a tube of treatment that is unlikely to get finished before going out of date, this is a one-use product with a long date on it.

What one thing would you change about this product?

We really liked this product and without testing its performance it's difficult to critique. However, typically sting treatments are suitable for all types of bite and sting, if this product doesn't do this perhaps people would choose another product, for versatility.

Tested by mum Michelle Griffin for the Mother & Baby awards 2018:

Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market? 

I think this product is different to others on the market as it appears to be Wasp specific, whereas other products are for a wider range of 'stings'. It is very simple to use and most importantly is easy to carry on the go, when a sting is most likely to occur. I loved the way you just have to push down and the contents is absorbed into the cloth and ready for use. It is organic and the packaging clearly states all the good points in an easy to read format. I haven't seen anything with cider vinegar before, which I myself love as I am familiar with its properties and goodness, so I would definitely choose this in the shops, plus the information on the packaging is very informative and the bright colours make it very attractive. 

Why does it change your life with your baby?

I'd say it's convenience makes it a game changer, for example it's easy to use and then administer - it's hard to deal with a mini one at the best of times, so having something in a wipe format is very helpful. It's also incredible portable and doesn't take up much room in my baby bag. 

What excites you about this product?

For me it's the use of cider vinegar and being natural - I am a lover of things like this so it's nice to see. I also love the ease of use container and that it's small enough I to fit in my bag. Another good thing about the one-time use is that it won't leak in the bag! 

What one thing would you change about this product

I actually don't think I would change very much. Maybe some additional usage information on the packaging and some advice on whether it can be used for other bites or stings instead of just wasps might be helpful. 

Tested by mum Sarah Thorpe for the Mother & Baby awards 2018:

Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

This product is unique compared to it’s market rivals, as it only uses Vinegar to help neutralise the sting. As most products containing drugs cannot be used on babies, this offers a great alternative for even the youngest of tots.  I like that the product comes in four individual uses, meaning there is less chance off spillages or expiring as it will be a product you hope not to use frequently.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

The WASuP organic sting relief offers great peace of mind in the event that a family member gets stung. The wipe absorbs a large amount of vinegar ensuring that if you were stung repeatedly then it should be plenty with the one wipe. It is small enough to keep in your changing bag and not to become a nuisance when storage space is so precious. The fact you get four individual uses that have a lengthy expiry date, means its one worry as a parent you won’t have to think about for a long time ahead.

What excites you about this product?

As a vegetarian who is conscious over environmental issues, the fact the WASuP organic sting relief is biodegradable and organic is applauded. A modern mum trying to juggle protecting our children and the environment is no mean feat. The design is eye catching, easy to use and well thought out. The wipe absorbs the fluid completely which is useful as you don’t want any spillages in your bag. The only downside to the product is the strong smell of vinegar, which does linger for a lengthy time after use.

What one thing would you change about this product?

In truth it is a product that you wouldn’t get much use of on a daily basis, but I can appreciate the great relief in the event it ever happens. Maybe four uses are too much when there is a potential to be throwing them all out due to expiration. Perhaps selling an individual capsule cheap could be an option, so a mum on any budget would be happy to pay the price. The smell is strong but for its infrequent use this is ok to me. overall a handy product.

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