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Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc Review

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Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc at a glance: 

Our Little Angels Liquid Talc has been specially formulated with all of your baby's need in mind. This gentle formulation applies like a lotion and dries to a light, talc like powder to absorb excess moisture and help prevent chapping. It is paraben free, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, ensuring it's just right for your little angels - and the rest of the family too.

How did this product make your life easier? 

Helen: Don't be deceived by the word "talc" this isn't a talcon powder as we know it from our childhoods, this is a smooth, great smelling cream which is light and easy to apply. It's a great alternative to the heavy, sticky nappy creams we usually use and perfect for every day use. It's easy to apply and works really well in between changes to avoid nappy rash. I love the price point too at less than £1 RRP its a great money saving find.

Emma: I love the fact I’m not having to breath in loads of talc and it actually goes where it is meant to I found it really easy to apply and I love the way it doesn’t make a mess for me this made my life so perfect not having to get the hoover out the minute I have used it ! I loved the way it dried and made my babies skin so smooth. 

Alexia: I am not sure that this makes my life easier than the barrier cream that I currently use. It is advocated for use after nappy changes and baths to absorb moisture and prevent chafing. I don't use traditional talcum powder but feel this would be easier to apply after a bath. It is, however, in an appropriately sized container. 

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Joanna: I would recommend this product as something to have in the cupboard for occasional use as it can come in handy to help speed up your babies skin drying however it is a non essential and if your baby has good skin it seems silly to start putting a product on them that they don’t need especially given the fact the ingredients include alcohol and other chemicals. I have also seen it used by adults to avoid chaffing so it can be helpful for mums to use themselves in the hot weather especially when hormonal, Baby carrying and breastfeeding all things that can make mums hot and sweaty!

Jayne: I would recommend this product to other mums as it is an absolute bargain and serves a really good purpose as part of my baby toiletry box. For such a good product the talc really is exceptional value for money. It provides less mess and a beautiful smell, together with the benefits of talc, securing a smooth dry finish and preventing rubbing in baby's rolls!

Harriet: I would recommend this product to another mum because it can be used after a bath to rub in easily but it also dries quickly so you can get babies dressed quickly after using it. It does not seem to cause reactions and is soft on my babies skin and is not too fragranced. The packet can be easily packed into a changing bag and transported when you go on holiday or away for a night.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Elizabeth: Personally I wouldn’t choose this as the finish of the product is quite matt on the skin and my baby has quite dry/eczema prone skin. I presume it would be good for normal skin types though. The price makes this product stand out, it is very good value for money. I wouldn’t pick this product to win as it doesn’t suit my baby’s skin type. We have found other products that are greasier are better for his dry skin.

Alexia: I am afraid that I don't think I would use this product as either an anti-chafing substance or moisturiser. I think there are other products in more categories that are more suitable and I'd be happier using these specific products i.e. moisturiser and barrier cream to prevent chafing. I think the branding as liquid talc, when there were issues around talcum powder as a carcinogen, also does not endear me to use the product.

Emine: I would choose this product all over the others. Because i am very happy to use it. I tried most of the nappy creams and all other options. This talc works really good. And it is not expensive, very handy, very easy for absorbing because it is very thin cream. We didn’t have any side effect after use a while.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Emine: I could only think about that this cream would be a litle bir thicker. Because if you are used to using a thicker products and just switched to this product, you can find it thin and you put lot on babys skin when it is unnecessary. But you will get use to a while after and see only puttting as much as babys skin need.

Emma: Make the packaging a little more exciting but apart from that it’s really effective and I love the fact I can be in my nappy bag and it doesn’t take that much space I love the fact I don’t have to worry about it going all over myself and it’s really easy to wash off and use when I’m out and about it’s made my life so much simpler. 

Elizabeth: I would prefer a more moisturising result as my baby’s skin is quite dry and eczema prone. It was a little too drying for his skin type and therefore not suitable for a daily moisturiser. He would need a more greasier product but appreciate that it may suit other babies better with more normal skin types.

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