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Baby Bare Bubbles Dandelion Dream Luxury bath set Review

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  • 2021 Gold Best Baby Skincare Range/Product
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Baby Skincare Range/Product

The Dandelion Dream Luxurious Bubble Bath Shampoo Body Wash & Moisturiser set at a glance

The Baby Bare Bubbles range is Natural Daily Care specially formulated to gently cleanse and protect your little one's hair, scalp and skin at bathtime and beyond. The bespoke organic blend of Dandelion, Oats, Hops and Purple Cone flower work together with the skins natural balance to safely wash, cleanse and nourish the most sensitive skin.

No list of questionable ingredients, free from parabens, artificial colours, SLSs and mineral oils. Cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, clinically tested and proven. The range is also paediatrician approved and suitable for newborns.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sam Kennedy says: "The Baby Bare Bubbles Dandelion Dream Luxurious Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Body Wash body wash is great to use at bath time, it has a pop top lid that allows easy one handed use which is perfect with a wriggling child in water! It's also a two in one so bath bubbles and a shampoo and body wash, which is great!"

Clotilde Kingsley says: "It is handy that it can be used both as a bubble bath and wash for hair and body so 2 products in 1. It is a lovely product, and does not seem to sting my boys eyes, so no bath time tears. The cream is easily absorbed into skin and moisturising but not greasy. Both the cream and wash have a lovely gentle, soothing smell that is not overpowering which is great for bedtime."

Paula McGirr says: "I love that it is a bubble bath, hair and body wash so no need for lots of different ones in the cupboard. It smells lovely and it is kind on all different skin types. It has been approved by a paediatrician and unlike most, this one is suitable for newborns. The moisturiser soaks in very quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and smelling nice. it doesn’t leave the oily feel on your hands like most moisturisers do."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Alexandra Mitchell says: "The products helped me to establish a lovely, calming, peaceful bedtime routine with my twins. The ingredients calmed both babies before bedtime and left the upstairs of my house smelling amazing. The products also gave me the confidence that they would be safe on all my children’s skin and so my toddler who suffers from eczema was finally able to have a lovely bubble bath without having a reaction."

Jessica Molyneux Spence says: "I absolutely love the Dandelion Dream Luxurious Bubble Bath Shampoo Body Wash & Moisturiser Set. It comes in an easy to use plastic bottle with snap lid. It doesn’t come loose easily so it’s safe to put into a changing bag for overnight trips. It’s suitable for mum and baby which is lovely because I don’t have to bring extras around for me."

Nikita Smethurst says: "Having the bubble bath as a 3-1 product definitely makes my life easier at bath times. I have a newborn and 3yr old. Both very wriggly but love bath times. Having this feature is great as I can use a bubbles in the bath itself which makes it more fun for the children. But also stops me having to use different products and mixing them which can cause dry skin. It makes the washing parts of bath time very quick for both of them as just using the one product."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Katie Springett says: "I would definitely chose these above other leading brands I have previously mentioned for all the reasons mentioned above. The natural ingredients used, the lovely natural smell, no irritation caused on my baby's skin, long lasting as you only need a small amount, my son sleeps better when I use before bed, the packaging is beautiful if you were to buy for a gift. I think this product should win I think there is a gap on the market for something so natural and such good quality. As I mentioned the packaging is environmentally friendly but it is so beautifully designed it really is stunning, with a little poem and gorgeous little logo. It really is lovely. The packaging alone makes the product stand out."

Amy Turton says: "I don’t think I would pick this product above all similar products, but I definitely think I would pick it over some of the other products I’ve used on my children over the years. It is a pretty good quality product and I have really enjoyed trying it out with my children, so I definitely wouldn’t mind using it again."

Sam Kennedy says: "Unfortunately I would not choose this over others on the market. I prefer the smell of others, this one just doesn't smell of anything. I prefer smelling the blackberries of Childs Farm on my baby! Also, although the body wash was fine on my baby, the moisturiser brought him out in a rash exactly where I'd applied it. No idea why as he has no allergies and has never reacted to anything else. Unfortunately, the ingredients are on the cardboard box the bottle came in and not the bottle itself, which really didn't help in this situation."

What changes would you make to this product?

Clotilde Kingsley says: "I don't think anything needs to change but I think it would be lovely if there were an option for it to be packaged as a gift set rather than individual items. Also as an organic eco friendly product it would be nice to have refill packs to save on plastic waste from the bottles. I look forward to seeing a wider range of products from this company."

Paula McGirr says: "I wouldn’t change the product. I love the concept, the smell and the packaging. It would make the perfect gift for any new mum. I would maybe suggest travel size bottles as well. Many times i have been at my parents and had some sort of dilemma. Been able to bath them but had to use wash products that my parents use. I always keep a change of clothing in my bag but yet to find pocket size bath bubbles. I do think people would find the £19.99 price tag a little steep."

Alexandra Mitchell says: "There is absolutely nothing I would change about this product – my whole family love it! If I had to choose something to change then I would say that it is a shame that the range do not do more products and/or bigger bottles. This product is amazing! The packaging is beautiful and the products are absolutely luxurious. They leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and smelling great. I could not stop smelling my children’s hair after they had used it! I cannot wait to buy more bottles and think that my family will be using Dandelion Dreams for a long time to come!"

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