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Childs Farm Baby Range Review

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  • 2020 Gold Best Baby Skincare Range/Product

At a glance:

Not only are these Childs Farm products reasonable, they are packed with natural ingredients and the bright and colourful packaging is beautiful. Our panel of mum testers loved these products, claiming that the moisturiser kept even the most aggressive eczema away.

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: Great products with simple packaging and a pleasing consistency and smell. Worked well for my toddler and baby's skin considering they both suffer from eczema. Bubble bath very effective! The 3 in 1 is particularly useful and makes bathtime much more efficient! Baby oil is very easy to use with a spray and good for chasing my toddler with!

Stephanie: Childs farm products are fantastic. They are super kind to skin and don’t have any hidden nasties which as a mum is fantastic to know. I want to make sure that any product that I use on my baby is going to be easy going on her sensitive skin. There is a great range of products which cater to all aspects of our bathing regime and all are super handy to access when my little one is in the bath.

Scarlett: The design of the product bottles makes my life easier at bath time. They are so easy to open either having a push lid or a pump. This helps a lot when you have your hands full with a slippery baby! It also makes my life easier as a mum as I don't have to worry that what I'm using on my baby is safe. Childs farm says that they regularly review their ingredients to keep up to date with the latest research, legislation and to ensure they make the best products so this makes me feel like what I'm using is safe for my baby and there is no unnecessary worry.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Katie: Simple no-fuss packaging, inexpensive and effective. I wouldn't expect a better product for the money and the range is huge and versatile. The baby wash is incredible and lasts for weeks as you only need a small amount for a good wash. Lovely travel sizes which are great for holidays also as quite bulky containers otherwise. Would definitely recommend.

Leila: I would recommend their products, however, I do find it fairly expensive compared to other baby and childcare ranges. If you are looking for something organic, of good quality and with lovely packaging to boot then this product is ideal. There is a good range of products available to suit all skincare needs.

Scarlett: I would definitely recommend this skincare range to other parents because of the quality of the products. I cannot talk about the quality of these products enough. These products have transformed my baby’s skin from dry and bumpy to hydrated, soft, and I am so pleased with the results. I have tried plenty of skincare ranges for baby’s and no product has delivered as well as Childs Farm. You don’t need to use heaps of product a little goes a long way. The packaging is easy to use, they are clear, easy to read, and not to busy which is what I like when searching through the 100’s of products on baby aisles in supermarkets. They are a British brand, nearly all products are registered with the vegan society and they are animal cruelty-free. There packaging is also made from some renewable sources and they will be increasing their recycled content in their bottles in the coming year. This is such a plus since we are considering our environment when purchasing products today.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: I would choose this product above all others due to it being completely natural and not full of nasties. It smells lovely and the smell stays on your children so keeps those hugs smelling great all day long. I love this product so much and cannot give it enough credit for curing my son's eczema problems

Scarlett: I do feel this product deserves to win. The thing that makes the product stand out is the quality. I personally feel there is no other baby skincare range that compares to the quality of these products and they have transformed my baby's skin. The ingredients are naturally derived, its a British brand, cruelty-free and they're just fantastic products. I will continue to use these products for my baby.

Jodea: I am very impressed that the entire Childs Farm range has the Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free International certification - the gold standard in the industry and something that's important to me personally. I also love the fact that they use organic ingredients. There are a lot of similar products available on the market now but I like the fact that Childs Farm is widely available and competitively priced, making it an easy and obvious choice for me. They definitely deserve to win based on these credentials.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sian: I think the one thing would be to make more of their products in travel size bottles. Having recently travelled with our baby I ended up decanting a lot of our baby products (that I couldn’t get in smaller bottles) into smaller bottles. As a busy mum, it would be much easier if I could just buy them. It would also be useful for the change bag as there have been occasions where we have had to bath our baby at other people’s houses, you just have to be prepared for everything as a mum.

Scarlett: There are baby skincare products on the market that are cheaper. Affordability is a big consideration when you have children. Personally, for me, there isn’t anything that could improve the product. I feel the price is justified with the quality of the product I received; however, affordability may be an issue for other families.

Stephanie: There really isn’t anything that I would change about the children’s farm range. I really think that they’ve covered everything with their range and there are so many options to cover all aspects of bath time. There’s a really lovely range of different scents to suite everyone. The quality of the products is really high and have made my daughter's skin really soft and so well hydrated.

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