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Childs Farm 50 SPF roll on Review

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  • 2021 Gold Best Sun Protection Cream
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Sun Protection Cream

Childs Farm 50SPF roll on at a glance: 

Childs Farm 50+ SPF roll-on sun lotion for very high protection is water resistant and protects young and sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays, whilst keeping skin moisturised and hydrated. And this little roll on makes application so easy, empowering little ones to do this themselves. Perfect for the school bag too! Childs Farm 50+ spf roll-on sun lotion, unfragranced 70ml is registered with The Vegan Society.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jackie: My child hates having suncream on because they hate that when you first spray it, it goes on her clothes or in her eyes. This way, you can roll it on with zero fuss, then rub it in. She even found it fun which meant there was less complaints. It's also compact and easy to get into a changing bag. It didn't have to be reapplied too often either.

Suzanne: We have loved using the Childs Farm sun protection roll on. The roll on makes it so easy to use and mess free which is perfect as a mum. The cream rubs in so easily and leaves my baby’s skin so soft without any grease. I love that it has aloe Vera in it to keep my sons skin hydrated and won’t dry it out. Because of the size it easily fits into the bag and it’s roll on makes it easy to apply when out and about for a top up or If the sun makes a sudden appearance and I want to protect his skin. I’ve only ever once got it on his clothes and it easily came out in the wash and no extra washing or soaking was required. The water resistant aspect gives peace of mind I’m when they play in the water too.

Louise L: I no longer have to chase and fight a wiggling toddler to get sun lotion on. My toddler loves to be 'coloured in' with the roll-on and even likes to apply it herself which is great for her independence. It's very easy to use, and the sun lotion comes out in the right amount and the right consistency. It's also a compact size so perfect for the changing bag.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Hannah: I would recommend this product for its ease of use. I thought that roll-on suncream was a gimmick but having now tried it, and compared it to a spray, I think that roll-ons are the way forward for application on infants. Babies don't sit still long enough to have suncream applied so it was handy to be able to roll on suncream with one hand and rub it in with the other. Being able to apply it quickly helped limit the amount of time my baby had to put his fingers in it and spread it everywhere. I would also recommend this product for its unfragranced odour. As I was using this product on a baby, it was nice that the product didn't have a strong fragrance unlike some of the others on the market. Finally I would recommend this product for its transportability. The design of the packaging makes it just the right size to be easily put in the changing bag for when you need to apply it whilst out. It wasn't large or bulky and could be stored easily within a side pocket for easy access.

Louise M: I would recommend due to the size of the product and the indepence it can give toddlers without making too much mess. I use other child's farm products such as wash and cream which I find a more reasonably priced than this suncream although I would still recommend it to friends if children suffer with sensitive skin.

Heather: I would! I have used this product for a long time before I was asked to review it. It is excellent quality, lasts a long time on the skin even when the children are in and out of the pool. It is just as good on really small baby's skin as a toddler. It is a great portable size and the roll on means you can apply directly to the skin and you don't lose any through spraying. My eldest also likes being able to help by applying it himself as it's so easy. It's also not sticky like a lot of sun cream i have used before, and it sinks in really easily with a nice light fragrance.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Roisin: I trust the Child’s Farm brand on my daughter’s sensitive skin and regularly use their other bath products on her knowing that they won’t irritate her skin. The sun cream was no different and provided a gentle formula which protected her from the sun effectively without the added fuss of fragrances, etc which doesn’t agree with her skin.

Laura: I don't think I would buy this above others unfortunately and this is due to the price for 70ml. Despite the many benefits mentioned in the other sections it is very expensive for such a small size. Children need regular applications of suncream when on holiday or in the sun and I feel this would n't last long on holiday so you would have to buy multiples.

Jackie: I'd buy this specifically for the fact that it's aimed at children with sensitive skin as that is a big issue in this house. I think it should win yes, it's difficult to find suncream that thinks of other things than just SPF levels. It's very convenient to apply too with the roll on feature which my daughter liked.

What changes would you make to this product?

Suzanne: I don’t feel like I need to change anything about this product bit does everything it claims and is so easy to use/apply. The ingredients alone would make me continually buy it. As it is unfragranced It is another plus but because of the natural ingredients in it like aloe Vera it has a hint of natural fragrance which is really nice. This product should definitely win for it ease of use, price and quality ingredients.

Louise L: I really like the Childs Farm 50+ roll-on. It's easy to use, kind to skin and offers great protection from the sun. The only improvement I can think of is to perhaps offer a larger size for when you are going away and require more than 70ml. The current compact size is great to put into the changing bag. Other than that I think it's a wonderful product.

Hannah: If I could change one thing about this product, it would without a doubt be the staining issue. It really is for me the only major problem. Whilst this product is designed for babies and children, I have found myself using it as well, but I think I would have used it more had I not been fearful of the effect it would have on my own clothing. Instead I have found myself carrying 2 bottles of suncream – not economical on either my purse or space available within the changing bag. If the product’s ingredients could be altered to minimise, if not eradicate, the stains then this product would, in my opinion, be the market leader. The usability, design and value for money all scored highly for me, but the quality of the product inside the bottle really lets it down. Which is disappointing as I use other products from this brand, and really like them. Brand loyalty led me to be excited to try this product but I feel disappointed by the reality I have faced.

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