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My Expert Midwife No Harm Bum Balm Review

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My Expert Midwife No Harm Bum Balm at a glance: 

Protects and softens your baby's skin at every nappy change, helping to relieve soreness and redness. This rich but simple nappy cream provides gentle, effective relief and protection, helps to prevent skin damage and soreness. Midwife developed and mum approved, this 100% naturally derived, ultra-smooth serum takes care of the delicate skin. Contains only 5 ingredients, including medical grade lanolin for skin protection and calendula for soothing redness and soreness. Rich but thin serum that glides on easily without dragging sore skin One-handed dispenser is hygienic and helps when managing a wriggling baby. 

How did this product make your life easier? 

Lucy: The product comes in a handy sized bottle and I love the pump dispenser, much easier than other brands on the market which are squeezy tubes which can be messy and end up leaking in your changing bag. You really can use one hand which is good for when you've got a wriggly baby. A tiny amount goes a very long way.

Clare: This product is easy to find in the the bottom of the baby bag, I can remove lid and dispense the balm directly onto babies bum bum or onto the bag of my hand and rub in one handed. An absolute godsend when trying to pin a wriggly baby. Unlike similar products on the market there is no excess mess, lids coming loose in you bag or tubes splitting. Dispense one pump, pop lid on and you’re good to go!

Julianne: This product is so smooth and easy to put on. It has reduced the time spent changing my daughter's nappy as she no longer suffes from redness after I have been using it for over two weeks. I have found other products are larger to carry around so this fits perfectly into my changing bag so it is the ideal product for a busy Mum.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Jodie: I would recommend this product to a fellow parent as it’s so effective. The serum is thin but very sleek which means when applying to sore areas you don’t have to drag or put pressure on the skin to cover the sore area. The size is great too as you can hold in one hand and pump which is essential when using on a baby who doesn’t like nappy changing time. I also like the fact that one pump can cover the whole bottom, so wastage is really minimised. With creams they can continue to flow out when you’ve extracted what you need, meaning that there is quite a bit of wastage.

Jessica: Yes I would however I am conscious of the price. It is priced higher than competitors products. However I believe in using natural products on my baby. I know this is important to my friends too. It is reassuring to know this product is developed by midwives and so I know I am recommending a quality product which has been designed with the best intentions for my baby.

Clare: I’d recommend this product for several reasons. It’s easy of use and cleanliness, the packaging and pump dispenser makes this product hygienic. You can use it one handed, no need to unscrew fiddly little kids. The balm glides onto bottoms beautifully and with it being transparent in colour, when your little one wriggles around you don’t get covered it white cream. Also, it really does help soothe a sore bottom....I’ve even used it myself after a dodgy tummy and 100% worked!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Clare: The only thing that would make me less likely to choose this product over everything is the pricepoint. Whilst I love the product it’s more expensive than a lot of others on the market and I believe inaccessible to many. The challenge is with all baby products is that you never know if your baby is going to react to them or whether they will be right for you and your baby. Would be great to be able to purchase smaller ‘tester’ or ‘sample’ sized products to try before you fork out £15+ on a bum cream. The thought and design that has gone into the packaging of this product really make us stand out from the others on the market. It keeps it so hygienic and no mess inside your baby bag.

Jodie: I would choose this product above all others on the market because it is fantastic value for money, A little amount goes a very long way as you only need to use a small amount after each nappy to create a safe barrier to prevent nappy rash occurring. I only wish I had been using it since she was born, I think it is a perfect product for every hospital bag to help with redness and rash after birth.

Amy: While I think the product itself is pretty good I have to admit that I would still probably opt for a different product personally, mostly because the price tag is quite high for such a small amount of nappy balm. I am not saying that it’s not worth the price but there are others that are of a similar quality that are much better value for money, I have found.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Bethany: The No harm Bum Balm is on the pricy side, people would probably be more inclined to stick with the well-known brands that have been on the market for a long time. The design of this product and its size is perfect for any parent/ guardian. If this product can be cheaper I can guarantee it would be the best selling nappy cream on the market. If the company could offer samples to parent, people will then be able to use the product and see how great it is. Parents will then be able to change their mind and think about purchasing this nappy cream instead.

Lucy: I think maybe something could be added to the ingredients to make it better at soothing redness of the nappy area, however I would worry that this would change the consistency and texture of the product, which is actually it's best feature. I'd definitely always have one in my nappy changing bag despite this though.

Julianne: I would love to have more products to try in this rage. I absolutely loved this product so I think it would be great to try other products in the range. My daughter has very dry skin and flaky scalp so I would love to discover any products in this range that I could trust to use on her sensitive skin.

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