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Aldi Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes 60pk Review

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  • 2019 Bronze Mother&Baby Award Winners: Baby Wipes

At a glance:

Mamia baby wipes are manufactured from an extra soft cloth that's strong enough for gentle cleansing during nappy time, feeding time or playtime. Mamia baby wipes contain a dermatologically tested lotion with natural Aloe Vera and Chamomile to help keep baby's skin soft and smooth. Fragrance-free, mild and gentle. Dermatological tested, hypoallergenic and cotton soft embossed.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Penny: I would definitely recommend these to other mums especially if you worry about your child's sensitive skin. They hold moisture which is great and I am happy using them on my child's face, hands and the nappy area. They are cheap for the standard they are so we will be stocking up on these. My child has sensitive skin and they have had no problems with these wipes and whilst using them have had no nappy rash!

Annabel: The affordability is a huge plus in my eyes. No need for families to be using wipes with long ingredients lists. Mamia is seen as a credible brand now, too, which helps when recommending.

Georgia: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum if they have a newborn as the wipes are great for sensitive skin. The packaging is small and easy to fit into changing bags or just to have on you. The design is plain and simple but nice. I loved how easy it was to carry around and how soft they are as my child does have very sensitive skin and I'm always wiping them down at the highchair when they have finished dinner.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: My little boy hadn't been 100% the week I received these wipes. The wipes are a decent size so not loads were needed to clean him up. Some wipes I have used are quite thin that they split when you use them but not these ones. They also came in very handy to clean high chair tray and little hands and faces.

Sarah: These wipes are so handy for everything. They are strong enough to handle all the baby wipe uses - faces, hands and of course nappies. I was sceptical as they are incredibly cheap but this makes it even better. I get less guilt at using them for everything at less than 60p per pack.

Laura: The Mamia extra sensitive wipes are great to use! The packaging is very convenient in terms of size and I love the hard 'clicking' opening which makes the wipes hard to get at if little hands pick up the pack. I also like the way it is easy to take out one wipe at a time which I've found to be a problem with other wipes I've used.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: I would choose this product above all products on the market. They are excellent value for money compared to other brands who sell a very similar style. The packaging is a huge bonus for me, I love that they can be sealed securely so that you know they won't dry out. A fantastic rival to other brands.

Tarnya: Yes, I think that I would choose this product if I regularly shopped at Aldi. However, I wouldn't necessarily go to Aldi specifically for these wipes. The smell of the wipe and the softness on the baby's skin was similar to other wipes on the market.

Penny: I would definitely choose this product to win because they are a fantastic alternative to the cotton wool and warm water. They are extra sensitive for your babies skin with enough moisture to not have to use several at once. They feel soft and they do a brilliant job. Big thumbs up.

What changes would you make to this product?

Penny: I would not change anything about this product. It is a brilliant example of extra sensitive wipes and any mum should try these especially for the price compared to other similar wipes similar on the market. We have definitely converted to this brand and product for the future.

Annabel: The wipe material was biodegradable and the plastic packaging was recyclable. It's 2018! Time to make some changes before we destroy our planet. It is great that brands are making ethical choices that benefit everyone.

Sarah: I don’t think I would improve anything. For the price, they’re far better than you would think they would be. My personal preference would be a slightly different package design but it is fitting with the brand. I would suggest the retailer sells them as a multipack as buying them individually could get annoying.

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