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ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Value Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range

At a glance:

An elasticated back and secure flexi-fit technology in these nappies help prevent leaks for up to 12 hours of dryness. The nappies protect your baby through the night so you can sleep easily. They are super soft for your baby's delicate skin. The superabsorbent gel beads absorb up to 30 times their own weight. A unique colour-coded waistband helps you know when it's time for baby to move up a size.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kate: These seem to be comfortable and they are good value for money.

Louise: I would 100% and already have recommended these nappies to friends, family and at my son’s local nursery and library group. They are affordable, great quality, easily available at our local ASDA and have such a cute little design on the front. I like the fact that they are quite gender neutral.

Victoria: I would recommend these to other mums. The design was very well thought out and it fits the baby perfectly. My little one was more than comfortable in them for 12 hours at night. They are very easy to use and they did hold well. They are not too bulky and did not take up too much room in the change bag.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: The product is easy to put on and has very clear tab indicators helping you know when to move your child to the next size. One thing I really liked about this nappy was the elasticated back to it. It helped my son move more freely. The sizes are generous and last longer for each stage. The design is friendly and suits the child’s age. The nappy does what it says on the packaging, there are no lies of false statements.

Justine: These are a similar thickness and quality to other premium nappies I have used. The were no leaks out of the side of the nappies and he seemed comfortable in them. They easily lasted overnight without leaking. As he is crawling I did find it difficult to keep him in one place. I find pull-pants make my life easier than the standard nappy. The sizing was good as well and the elasticated waist was stretchy.

Hannah: The nappy is well made and has a good fit on my baby. My baby appears to be comfortable and the nappy does not leave any marks to suggest it is ill-fitting. The nappies have a nice pattern which makes them attractive to look at and something colourful for the baby to see. The size of the nappy packs is convenient, meaning each large pack will last for a reasonable length of time. They are good value for money. All in all, they are a very good product and one which I would happily use again.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gemma: I would not choose this product due to the lumpy texture. Whilst I know this nappy is one of the cheaper disposables available, I also know there are alternatives for a similar price where I have not detected the same issue. Were it not for this issue I might feel more positive about the product.

Kate: Yes, it should win. Comfortable and excellent value for money.

Louise: I do 100% rate these nappies. However, they are not my favourite. I use this brand of nappies more for convenience as ASDA is within walking distance of my house so I can pick them up easily. The main reason they are not my favourite is that they come up small on the sizing. Meaning I have to by a size larger in these nappies and in turn get fewer nappies for my money.

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria: They need to last longer withholding the mess. I was changing more so going through them more quickly. If they last through the night they would be perfect and excellent value for money.

Rachel: The nappy is pretty good and does what it says it will. The only thing I would like (and I’m being really fussy here) is a colour changing watermark on the front like the tiny baby nappies. I’ve wanted to see that on all nappies since my son was tiny. These nappies are great and they are great value for money. I would tell anyone to give them a go and see what you think, you might be shocked to see what they are like.

Justine:  I was happy with the price of the nappy and that it also came in larger packs so that you could bulk buy for better value. I would make them a bit thinner while maintaining the absorbency. I use pull-up nappies and find these to be much more suited to my baby. He is so fast and hates lying down for his nappy to be changed! As for the product itself, I wouldn't feel the need to change much.

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