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ASDA Little Angels First Pants Review

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  • 2019 Silver Best Disposable Pant

At a glance:

These Limited Edition Peppa Pig First Pants are perfect for active toddlers as they perform like a nappy but pull up like pants, making the step up to underwear simple. They're wonderfully soft to keep your on-the-go toddler comfy and have absorbent gel beads to help keep them dry, whilst the quick-release seams and pull-up action make changing your little wriggler that little bit easier! 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kellie: I would recommend these to fellow mums, especially as a first-time pull-up nappy. The design was great and looks very cute. They fit well in a nappy bag. They are easy to use, easy to put on and easy to take off with the rip at the side. It is great that you can use them with a baby who is standing.

Katie: The designs are really really cute and my daughter was more than happy to pick a pair out to wear. They are snug enough to prevent any leaks and none happened while we used the pack. They were very easy to remove with the simple rip apart seams. They were also really useful in places without a baby change as she can step into them.

Sarah: Yes I would. They are so convenient and easy to use. My son has tried putting them on himself and I feel it will help towards potty training when the time comes. They are easy for your little one to pull up themselves and this means they feel proud after. I love how it has Peppa Pig on it and it was this that encouraged him to say 'Peppa'!

How did this product make your life easier?

Josie: These pull-up nappies are a godsend compared to the standard tab style nappies. They are stretchy enough to go over my little boy's feet and they pull up to hip level and are true to size and a perfect fit. My little boy also loves Peppa Pig so he doesn’t mind me putting them on him whereas before it has been a struggle!

Ceri: With a wriggly toddler, the ability to use a pull-up style nappy has made changes much easier. Changes are quicker and could be done standing up. With the easy rip design of the nappy, it was straightforward to remove the nappy when dirty. My daughter was also entertained by the design on the nappy.

Rachel: Pull-up nappies are much easier to use now my daughter is on the move. It is pretty easy to get these on even when she's toddling off. Having a very clear front and back might seem a bit patronizing but it's genuinely helpful when you're both in a rush to have the nappy change over and done with!

Would you choose this product to win?

Anna: I would choose them to win as there wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about these nappies. I love the fact that they’re own brand but you still get Peppa Pig on them meaning you get the full package without the hefty price. They have been well designed and I really like them.

Susannah: I would choose them to win because they are reasonably priced compared to others on the market. For the relatively low price, you get easy to get on pants which are comfortable and soft around the seams. They are very absorbent and despite using them overnight we had no leaks. They have a fun design which really appealed to my three-year-old. Every night she would ask if she could put on her Peppa Pig pants! When we wanted to take them off which was much quicker and easier.

Kellie: The design was very cute and using Peppa Pig is a unique selling point. The product is also functional and I think it would be especially good for baby's that are standing and walking as they are so easy to put on.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: I can't really think of any features that I would change but the characters are a bit specific. We aren't big Peppa Pig fans so would prefer generic animal characters. I would have thought more generic characters might make them even cheaper.

Josie: With pull-up nappies, they don’t seem to hold as much liquid as standard tab nappies. Whilst we haven’t had any leaks, I feel less confident using them at nighttime as I’m worried they may leak. They often feel heavy compared to standard tab style nappies.

Ceri: I would make them slightly more absorbent and a tighter fit around the legs/top to help with containment of dirty nappies. I do appreciate that this may mean that the nappy does not fit such a wide range of baby sizes and therefore would be less convenient for some mums. Otherwise, they are a good product and I will continue to use them.

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