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HUGGIES Pull-Ups Review

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At a glance:

HUGGIES pull-ups are specially designed to make potty training easier. They have a unique learning layer which briefly mimics the feeling of wet underwear to help your little one learn the difference between wet and dry, soft stretchy sides which toddlers can pull up and down and Disney designs which fade when wet and toddlers love to wear. They also have re-sealable easy-open sides which makes it easier to remove them in case of accidents.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Laura: They fit very comfortably and are much less tight around the waistband and legs than other pull-ups I have tried. The velcro sides are soft and expandable and don’t cut into my daughter’s waist. She also loved the ‘cars’ design on them which provided another great distraction. They are easy to store in her nursery bag and we didn’t have any issues with leaks either - even overnight! They are also super easy to whip on-and-off which saves precious time!

Shreya: I would 100% recommend these to other mums. They make life easier when potty training at night time. They are also good for long car journeys if you are worried about accidents due to naps. They have good absorbency compared with other similar brands on the market. The fun Disney designs make them win hands down for me. My toddler looked forward to putting them on at night and you can easily engage your little one with potty training if they have a favourite character that their grown-up pull-ups come in.

Gemma: I would recommend these to a fellow mum for several reasons, such as the tear strips and the ease of pulling them up and down. I think for the price they are good value. The Disney characters were a hit with my daughter and she was more willing to put these on than conventional nappies.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: They look fun, they are thinner than standard nappies and they are easy to pull up and down. Your little one can even try to do this themselves. These make the start of potty training a lot easier and more fun.

Charlotte: The sides pull apart so that you can change them with clothes on. My child managed to pull apart one side of the pull-ups but it was easy for me to put it back together again. My child wanted to wear them as really liked the fun designs. It helped my child with potty training as they were able to pull them up and down without much help from me.

Claire: My toddler is not quite ready for toilet training yet, however, he is at the stage where he rarely stays still to get a standard nappy on. The Huggies Pull-ups are so much easier to put on whilst he is standing up. They are just as easy to take off and are re-sealable, which is really useful.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: Although they are more expensive than other brands of pull-ups, they are definitely worth the price! They are far easier to get on and off and are generously sized for my tall toddler (which isn’t always the case). We have had no issues with leaks and although they are quite expandable they always stayed in place. They made my toddler happier and me less stressed.

Shreya: For night time potty training, I think these are the best pull-ups on the market. Given that they have extra absorbency, the pull-ups themselves are not too bulky. My son wore these happily when we were potty-training at night-time and found them comfortable to wear.

Gemma: I would choose this product to win. They seem to have got the balance between a nappy and pants right. I think what really stands out are the strips used to fasten and unfasten the pull-up. It is much more convenient than ripping them.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: If I could change one thing it would be the packet sizes and the price. It would work out quite expensive as you would need two or three a day. I feel the price is quite a big barrier and would be for other families on a low income.

Kayleigh: If I were to change one thing it would be to make a more neutral design. I was sent the blue Cars design and my daughter refused to wear them. If the shop were to be sold out of one design and you have a child with a strong sense of self and style, it would be difficult. If they were more gender neutral, you would have a better chance of stocking up.

Charlotte: I would offer a range of eco-friendly pull-ups. I think they would really stand out from competitors if they had a biodegradable eco-friendly version of them available. 

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