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Kit & Kin hypoallergenic eco nappies Review

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Kit & Kin hypoallergenic eco nappies at a glance:


Kit & Kin's hypoallergenic eco nappies are better for baby, better for our world and give back. Approved by dermatologists, they contain no harsh chemicals and use gentle, super soft materials to be kind on delicate skin and keep bottoms dry for up to 12 hours. The nappy is made from sustainable, plant-based materials to help conserve our planet's natural resources and protect the future of your baby's world. Every nappy gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation, helping to protect acres of precious rainforest and support the communities living in these areas with educational scholarships and healthcare clinics.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy: This product makes my life easier as a mum as it is convenient and disposable, so no cleaning needed. It can be used and thrown away after and thanks to its innovative design of using disposable aspects to the nappy, it is better for the environment. This nappy does the job and keeps my baby comfortable even when she is wet. It is absorbent so no leaks although does not get her through the night.

Georgia: They are very compact so I could fit a few more than other brands in my changing bag. They went a good number of hours through the night without feeling too full and didn’t cause any leaks. They had a good structure to them, unlike some nappies on the market, which meant it was much easier to put on a wriggly baby, making my life a lot easier! I found that the nappies fold really well once used too, meaning less mess which was great.

Rebecca: When I used this product the frills on the leg openings wouldn’t require untucking from the leg area, which made it quicker to change a nappy. However, the tabs on the sides of the nappy at the front would be folded and bent from packaging, which took time to open and straighten before securing the nappy with the sticky tabs from the back of the nappy. I think one cause for the front tabs folding and bending over in the packaging is because the thickness of the material on the tab is quite thin. I have used another eco hypoallergenic brand recently and their tabs were much thicker, which made the tabs more rigid, so I felt that it was quicker and easier to put their nappies on my baby. That being said the tabs are a small issue and if I hadn’t have used that other brand before the Kit and Kin nappies I probably wouldn’t have even raised it as an issue, as I’d just have assumed all nappy tabs will bend a little from being packaged. This product also allows me to roll the nappy in on itself and seal with the two sticky tabs so that it will go in the nappy bag/changing bin with ease and no mess. This isn’t something just specific to this nappy however, but I think it is still worth mentioning that the basics have been met and this does make changing and disposing of a nappy easier.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Rebecca: If a friend or fellow mum had asked me if I knew of any eco nappies that are hypoallergenic then I would suggest that they try Kit and Kin nappies or if their child was suffering with nappy rash from any non-hypoallergenic nappies then again I would suggest they try these nappies. My baby has been in several brands of nappies over her 3 month life and she has fortunately not suffered from nappy rash with any of these brands, including the Kit and Kin nappies.

Amy: I would recommend this product as I love the design of each nappy, its cute little faces on the bottom. They are easy to use and are comfortable and soft for my baby. These nappies are better for the environment so are great for those who don’t like using disposable nappies but aren’t keen on reusable, like myself. They are very well priced for what they are and match others in the market.

Claire: I would definitely recommend these nappies. They contain fewer chemicals than other leading brands and are made form plant based materials making them extremely eco-friendly. They are high quality and thick with great absorbency. We have not had any leaks at all so far. The moisturising properties are also fantastic for sensitive skin and never had a red bottom or nappy rash whilst using them.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Bijal: I personally do love the product but find the price point slightly high. For this reason it would not be my first choice. With two children we have found superstore nappies to do exactly the same thing. We have not had leakages with Kit and Kin nappies but we have not have that with superstore nappies such as Asda either.

Amy: I think these nappies are great as I love the design and durability of them but I prefer others in the market. They started to make my daughters skin red and blotchy so had to stop using them. Although they have good absorbency, they didn’t last through the night for my daughter so I would have to use another brand for the night time. I like pampers as they are the only nappy which seems to be comfortable enough for my daughter and not give her nappy rash or affect her sensitive skin. They also have a line indicator on the front so you know when your babys nappy is wet before even checking.

Gemma: Although I do like the product and would use again, I do think there are other more affordable nappy brands that are just as good quality. I am not sure the price of these nappies reflect enough improved quality to outweigh other brands out there. I would say they are very good quality and I do love the feel and comfort of these, but not enough to pay £8 per pack. They are quite a chunky nappy, so my mummy bag couldn’t fit many in (compared to other brands like the Pampers premium). I also prefer nappies with the blue/ yellow line, as it helps indicate how wet the nappy is (life as a mum is busy and small details like this help - especially when sleep deprived and suffering with baby brain!)

What changes would you make to this product?

Gemma: I do like nappies with the yellow/blue lines, as it helps to know how wet they nappy is and whether or not it needs changing. I would look to add something like this to the nappy, as given it is nice and padded, sometimes it was difficult to tell if it was wet or if it was just the padding. It would also help when just quickly checking to see if it needs changing, rather than having to undo all the poppers etc on baby clothes to see if the nappy is wet or not.

Leanne: One of the things I would change about the nappy would be the wetness indicator as I do find these very useful on other brands especially in the early days with a new baby. Also I do find the price point to be a little high compared to other brands but the quality and eco friendly aspect do justify a higher price.

Tasha: If the absorbency level was improved on these nappies I would try them again as that was the main issue we encountered, however, at the price per pack I’m not sure even then I would consider them as my main nappy brand as I couldn’t justify spending that much on nappies when we have found the supermarket brands to work perfectly for us when we are not using reusables. If we lived in an area that biodegradable products were properly disposed of that may have a significant impact on my decision as the extra money would be worth the benefit to the environment, however, sadly, that is not the case – which is not the fault of Kit & Kin, but it’s something I would have to consider anyway.

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