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Mamia Newborn size 1 nappies Review

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At a glance Mamia Newborn size 1 nappies

Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Air System ™ newborn nappies are super soft and designed specifically for a newborns' sensitive skin. The new Mamia Ultra Dry Air System ™ nappies have up to 2x faster absorbency that locks away wetness, keeping your new baby dry and fresh. The overlapping fasteners ensure a snug and secure fit for all babies. The wetness indicator, a cleaver strip that changes colour when wet, helps you to know when your baby might need a nappy change. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System ™ newborn nappies are also dermatologically tested & Hypoallergenic.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Kelly: These nappies are great, made from a really soft and durable material, I think these are perfect for a newborn, I find that these nappies fit snugly against my babies skin to make sure there is no gaps to cause leakages and last for hours if needed before needing changing.

Margaret: I really like the Mamia nappies. We have used the Aldi nappies for years with my first child. These nappies are great for my newborn's sensitive skin. We have not experienced any leaks so far which is great. They have a cut out section on the waistband for the umbilical cord to prevent rubbing. These nappies are incredibly affordable which makes my life easier as I have two children in nappies at the moment.

Clare: I love the wetness detector line – it's much more visible than other brands we’ve used, making it quick and easy to quickly check whether you need a nappy change.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Kelly: I really like the wetness indicator which changes colour when the nappy is wet, I found this is a really handy feature to know when to change the nappy and saves you disturbing your little one. Another feature I really like is that the nappy seems to draw liquid away very quickly from the baby meaning my baby skin its still baby soft and smooth unlike other nappies I have tried which still seem to leave the baby wet/damp.

Margaret: I would recommend the Mamia newborn nappies to a friend/fellow mum. These nappies are just as good as any leading brand nappies at a fraction of the cost. Being on maternity leave any saving is a bonus. My little girl seems very comfortable in these nappies, with no redness or nappy rash. They really have performed well as we have not had any leaks day or night. I would use them again.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Kelly: The price is excellent compared to other market brands and would save a fortune, the quality of the product is great and I love that the nappies are super sensitive for my babies skin and takes away any wetness straight away so its not against my babies skin.

Margaret: I really like Aldi Mamia nappies and have used them a lot. I tested another supermarket newborn nappy and I prefer that one as they felt a lot softer than the Aldi newborn nappies, which I think would be comfier for my little girl. However, the Mamia nappies performed well and I will continue to use the range as they are great value for money.

Clare: The price is pretty unbeatable, to be honest – that alone is perhaps work a few leaks! Super affordable and will make a difference to any family's bank balance.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kelly: These nappies are so good and I do love them but it’s a shame they aren’t made from eco-friendly materials – I do look for environmental products where possible and would choose an eco-friendly over these nappies.

Margaret: There is not much I would change about the Mamia newborn nappies. They could be a bit softer for comfort. But apart from that i really like these nappies. They are very absorbent and have the indicator strip to let you know your little one is wet. They have not leaked so far which means no extra clothes changes. I would use the nappies again.

Clare: We did have a few leaks with this nappy, I think down to the absorbency. We started to doubt these nappies quite a bit and switched to Tesco as they felt like a better fit for our baby.

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