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Mamia Premium Nappies size 1 Review

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  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Product for a Newborn - 0-4 months

Mamia Premium Nappies size 1 at a glance:

The Mamia Premium nappy range has Dry Fast technology to lock away wetness and help keep skin fresh and dry. This combined with extra gentle leg elastics, a super stretchy waistband for a flexible fit and extra soft layers provide added comfort. They're also dermatologically tested for added peace of mind.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Carley: This product makes my life easier as a mum because its very trustworthy. It removes the stress and worry day to day about leakages and excessive outfit changes. It's so absorbent and the nappy lining is so padded that it seems near impossible for a leakage to happen. As a mum, this makes me feel confident with my busy day to day life that i will not be spending my day dealing with many accidents and outfit changes. It also keeps my washing loads to a minimum due to this which is an ultimate time-saver.

Heather: These nappies have been completely leak free for us (so far!) and fit really well, the stretchy waistband and soft leg elastic are really good upgrades from the standard Mamia nappies for a very small increase in price. They have caused no skin irritation for our newborn. We also found the wetness indicator very useful.

Roisin: The nappies are easy to fit into your nappy bag for out and about or around the house. They're nice and slim but also hold a lot of wee for those night stretches. The elasticated sides mean that you can get them onto baby without any faffing around and sudden wee or poo explosions! You feel like baby is secure and good to go for the next few hours.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Corrie: The nappies are cheap, very rarely leak, for with a good snug fit and work to a high standard. I’ve found other brands leak a lot easier. Also nappies only leak if it’s full of urine and then newborn does a big watery poo (as they do). The style is simple, no colourful animals as this is it required for Newborn at such a hound age.

Jo: The features that I liked about this product is that it is very soft compared to most nappies in this price range. This must make it more comfortable for the baby and I didn’t get any nappy rash while using this product. The price tag is very cheap for a product like this. I also liked that the sides and the tabs are elasticated so that it adjusts slightly while the baby moves and leaves less red marks

Helen: The nappies are soft and lightweight and work very effectively at a fantastic price point. They do seem to come up smaller than some of the other nappies on the market but they come in a wide range of sizes so this is easily resolved once you are aware of it. They had no issues with keeping my son dry and he didn’t experience any nappy rash while using them.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Claire: I would certainly choose this product and we have now changed from the previous brand of nappies to use these ones on my Son. They look nice, they appear to be comfortable and there have been absolutely no leakages whilst we have been using them. I also found that they were much easier to put on compared to other brands due to the extra elasticity on the back of the nappy and on the fastenings. The value for money is incredible and definitely something I think of when making a purchase.

Jennifer: I personally wouldn't for my newborn as they did give her a slight rash, however saying that I know every baby is different and she must have a sensitive bottom. I would still say it's a great product and brilliant price, when comparing the feel of the nappy to other nappies it was a lot softer and felt like they had newborns in mind when designing them. The nappy was still brilliant and contained both wet and dirty very well.

Carley: I would choose this nappy over the rest on the market because not only is it a great price for the product received, but it has many wow factors. Its super stretchy, super absorbent, its very secure when on baby but also seams very comfortable for him to wear. It comes very compactly and small leaving extra room in the changing bag, which is a game-changer for any mum.

What changes would you make to this product?

Heather: It would be nice if his product could be more eco-friendly as this was the only aspect that we didn’t really like. They could include some recycled or compostable material - I hate the thought of all the nappies we've sent to landfill since our child was born two months ago! They have made an effort to reduce the packaging though, which is nice.

Corrie: If I could change anything about this premium nappies, it would have to be the packaging it comes in. Disposable nappies sadly sits in landfills for years after we are not here anymore, it would be good if Aldi packaged them in a paper wrapper and a cardboard box. This would reduce the waste and plastic that comes with the number of nappies a newborn gets through.

Claire: I feel that this product is very good and I will continue to use it as it has been the best brand of nappy that I have used. I have started to buy these nappies as ones to use permanently for my son. Whilst there is nothing I would change about the product itself I would suggest that the nappies come in 'jumbo packs' rather than just the small packs as I would prefer to buy a bigger pack to save on the amount of trips to the supermarket!

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