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Morrisons Little Big Growing Up Pants Review

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  • 2015 Shortlisted Best Potty Training Products
Mother & Baby 2015 Shortlisted Award Winner

This innovative toddler underwear is super soft and absorbent, with leg cuffs to prevent leaks, perfect for helping your toddler to move on from nappies. The pants will keep your toddler comfortable and dry all through both the day and night, and you don’t have anything to worry about. Quickly and simply removable, these pants are convenient and practical for all mums and toddlers, and will keep both of you happy.

The products are great value for money, and are at a much more reasonable price than other similar products on the market.

They don’t completely prevent nappy rash, but properly protecting your child with the right creams will keep them safe during this big move-up.

The leg cuffs can often make the pants a little too tight and uncomfortable for your toddler, but as long as you are careful to buy the right size for your little one, they should be completely fine.

The pants are perfect for helping your tot move on from nappies, and are far more convenient and mess-free than moving straight to regular underwear. Using these will help your tot to comfortably adapt to the new change, and are a much better option for your child.

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Morrisons Little Big Growing Up Pants

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