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Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry Nappy Review

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  • 2019 Bronze Best Value Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range

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Made for independent tots. These super soft, absorbent pull up pants with anti-leak leg cuffs, to help toddlers adapt to life without nappies. These pull up nappy pants are designed with easy on and off soft tear-away sides, a super absorbent core to keep your toddler dry and leg cuffs to help prevent leaks - all to help your growing tot through potty training.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gemma: I would recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum. The nappies were really reasonably priced, which is important when you are using a lot of nappies. They were easy to use and my son seemed comfortable wearing them. They also gave a nice slim fit under his clothes, even when he had been wearing them for a few hours. They served us well during the day and overnight. I find some disposable nappies have quite a chemical smell, but I didn't find that with these, even after a whole night.

Clare: Yes I would recommend this product. We did not have any leaks or accidents which is amazing, particularly at night when the nappy is worn for longer periods of time. From a hygiene and convenience perspective, this nappy is really good. It is reasonably priced compared to some other brands. The design and the ease of use are very similar to other nappies I have used.

Rebecca:  I would defiantly recommend these to my friends. I have told everyone about these nutmeg nappies - how absorbent they are, how well they fit and especially the price of them. Around the legs of the nappies are very stretchy to catch any little leaks. The design on these nappies is very bright and colourful. You can always make a conversation up and talk about the pictures.

How did this product make your life easier?

Natalie: I would not usually choose Morrisons products so when they arrived I was slightly apprehensive. As soon as I opened the pack and felt the nappy I was shocked at how soft they were. They seemed very similar to more expensive brands but at a fraction of the cost. Some of the cheaper brands have been a pain to use as we’ve woken up with leaks after a full nights sleep. With Morrison’s nappies, we certainly didn’t have that problem! I was really pleased with them.

Lindsey: The Morrisons Ultra Dry nappy exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think that the absorbency of another brand would match that of my normal ‘premium’ brand. They last well through both the day and the night and I haven’t experienced any leaks. My daughter has sensitive skin but hasn’t had any rashes from these nappies. The tabs secure well and do not tear. 

Gayane: I've never considered Morrisons as a nappy brand but now I DO. What a pleasant surprise! I have tried many nappies and all of them have a few issues. Nutmeg is a really good quality nappy. It's soft, comfortable, easy to put on and NEVER leaks. I'm 100% happy and will switch.

Would you choose this product to win?

Louise: I would choose this nappy above others based on the fit. Both my girls have very ample bottoms and chunky legs making some nappies not fit correctly. However, these fit them both perfectly. Based on that I do believe this nappy brand should win. I like this brand as both my toilet training two-year-old and my chunky seven-month-old can wear these. I don't have to search the aisles for different nappies, I pick up two packs of exactly the same thing and they work perfectly for both of my girls.

Bekki: The nappies are attractive and seemed to fit well. The fit is what stands out compared to previous nappies we have used. They can be worn for longer periods of time without leakage, including through the night and remain well fitted during active play. They are very good value for money.

Jessica: I would definitely buy them again. If I was in Morrisons and needed more nappies I would definitely consider buying these again and would be interested in trying their version of pull up nappies. My little boy is not a fan of lying down for too long now and so the pull up nappies are easier to use on him.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gemma: There is not much to change about this nappy. It is well designed and I was very happy with it. However, if I could make it biodegradable I would feel much more comfortable using it. I appreciate hardly any disposable nappies are biodegradable, but someone has to lead the way. I miss the wetness indicator at the front of the nappy. This brand features this in the smallest sizes and I still find it useful to have that, even at my son's age.

Rebecca:  ith these nappies there are two things I would change. The first thing is the back of the nappy has no elastic which may restrict your baby's movement. I would also add a wetness indicator as that makes it easier to quickly check them.

Gayane:  The only thing I would change is a wet/dirty nappy indicator. I did not realise there was something changing to show this so it needs to be clearer.

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