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Morrisons: Nutmeg Ultra Dry Pants Review

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  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Value Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range
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At a glance:

Morrisons Ultra Dry Pants are Quick Change Nappy Pants for wriggly babies, coming in sizes 4-6. The nappy pant will protect against leaks for up to 12 hours. Morrisons Ultra Dry Pants have also been dermatologically tested. The Nappy Pant is soft and breathable for baby skin and also tested against leading brands, for added protection they also have anti-leak leg cuffs. The easy tearable sides are to enable easy removal. The 360° stretchy waist help baby to move around comfortably.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Jessica: The product is well made and reasonably priced. I found them slightly smaller than other brands that I normally use (Aldi) therefore not as easy to pull up. I didn’t think it was easy to work out which the front of the nappy was, but once I had worked it out it was easy. They fit well and easy to remove when changing as the sides tear easily. There were no leaks and they appeared to fit comfortably for him.

Kate: The nappies made my life as a mum easier because first of all pull-ups with a wriggly little toddler are an absolute godsend. They were soft, durable, they did not move when my little one was running about, we did not have one hint of a leak, no nappy rash, and they overall performed in the way they should. He needs something soft and gentle next to his delicate skin or he gets irritable and these did that exact job. I was very impressed with the quality and they definitely made my job as a mum easier.

Naomi: The ultra dry pants fit well and are easy to get on a very active 15-month-old who hates nappy changes! The design means they are easy to change when baby is stood up. We have had no leaks. I find I do have to be careful to make sure there are on properly and that they are straight over his bottom otherwise I fear there could be leakage! They are easy to change if wet. Not ideal if a soiled nappy as they have no sticky tab to seal it closed like other brands do.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Jessica: I don’t think it is better than the brand I already use (Aldi) therefore I won’t be changing to it, but if someone shopped at Morrisons, then I would say that the product was good value and did not leak.

Katie: I would recommend these to other mums because they really are superb quality and such a low price as well. They're super soft and breathable and have little cuffs on the legs to help prevent leaks. They're a nice design and fit well. My son had no leaks, no irritation on his sensitive skin. No bad odours. They stayed in place while he was rubbing about like a lunatic and he seemed very comfortable. Easy to pull up and down for me, strong but so soft. Overall excellent quality, and excellent value for money, highly recommended this supermarket brand. The sizing was spot on too.

Naomi: Yes. For a nappy pant they work well, they fit and don't leak. The elastic is soft yet fits well around the legs and tummy. The material used is softer than other brands we have used so feels nicer for the baby's skin. They look cute and are easier than a conventional nappy with a baby who likes to stand rather than lie down for nappy changes. They seem kind to the skin, we have had no rashes or rubbing around the legs.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Jessica: No, I find the Aldi nappies good value, never leak, very reasonably priced and size fits my son very well. I tend to bulk buy them. I prefer non pull up nappies for my son at the moment whilst he isn’t walking. There isn’t anything about this nappy that stands out for me, I think it is a good product but no better than any others.

Katie: I've been out and bought these since as I think they're so good. I used to use Aldi Mamia until I tried these. These are so reasonably priced and such amazing quality there's no way I'll change again now, especially for pull-ups.

Naomi: Yes. The price is good and the fit is better than the others. The designs are cute and they seem comfortable. They do not leave any marks on the baby and there has been no sign of nappy rash. I do wish they had a sticky tab on the bottom which would allow you to roll them up and seal them closed. This would improve the design for me. I would also like it if Morrisons looked at the products to see if they could make a nappy that is more eco friendly.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica: Make it easier to see which the front of the nappy is.

Naomi: A small sticky tab that would allow you to roll the nappy up once used and stick it shut, I prefer not to use nappy bags so being able to close the nappy and stick it shut is important. I suspect that would increase the price but I would prefer a small price increase for the convenience.

Sarah: I would change the sizing. We had size 5 for my 16 month old son who weighs 12.5kg. He is a tall slim baby. The nappy pants fit him perfectly but with him being at the lower end of the advised weight scale I would have expected them to be bigger. It may have been this sizing issue which causes the couple of leaks we had. I would definitely buy these again if passing Morrisons but I would get a size 6 next time.


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