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Pampers Premium Protection Nappies Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Bronze Best Performance Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range

At a glance:

Wrap your baby in Pampers Premium Protection, Pampers' softest comfort and unbeatable skin protection, recommended by the British Skin Foundation. This nappy provides feather-like softness and is now lined with Heart Quilts to feel even softer against baby’s skin while pulling away wetness and mess. It has a Wetness Indicator to tell you when your baby might need a change. Finally, Pampers make sure your baby’s delicate belly is protected with its Navel Friendly Cut to protect your little one's precious skin.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rachel: I would recommend these nappies to all of my mummy friends. They are soft, silky and not bulky which is a definite plus for us. These nappies do not leak and my daughter finds them very comfortable. My daughter who is 17-months-old will choose her own nappy and will always go for a premium protection. I also love the stretch in the waistband which moves with my daughter when she is up and about. The design is brilliant!

Melissa: Yes I would recommend them. The designs are very child-friendly, they fit my baby with no signs of any rashes or rubbing around the thighs. They are very easy to use and dispose of.

Rebecca: I would 100% recommend this product. I understand that the price of the nappy may be more expensive than own brand alternatives but I genuinely believe that there are plenty of offers and if you are smart about where and when you shop and stock up at the right times, you find great deals. With the pampers club app you can scan receipts and be rewarded for your loyalty. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Karly: The product makes my life easier as the nappy keeps my son comfortable and dry all night. He doesn’t wake for a nappy change at all.

Janine: The Pampers nappies are compact and don’t take up a huge amount of room in a change bag. The tabs at the side were easy to get to, especially when changing the nappy of an active baby. The blue wet indicator strip was useful at letting you know when the nappy was damp. We used the nappy overnight for over 12 hours with no leaks. No obvious nappy rash while using these nappies and they have a nice design.

Jennifer: These nappies are easy to put on my baby and they are lovely and thin. However, it does not last the whole night if she has a bottle of milk so we have to do a change during the night. Therefore, they do not make my life easier as my daughter then wakes up. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Hannah: They are good nappies but I wouldn’t choose them above others on the market. They are three times the price of our regular nappies and the softer material alone doesn’t justify this difference in price. I would recommend them for babies that have particularly full nappies overnight. I felt the nappies were particularly absorbent and my son could have had it on for longer if necessary.

Amanda: I am impressed and happy with all the unique products that the Pampers Premium Protection offer. Given the price of these nappies over other brands I would still opt for a cheaper brand of nappy for my ten-month-old. I like the unique wetness indicator which turns blue when wet allowing you to know when your baby might need a fresh nappy. The mesh liners ensure that your baby isn’t uncomfortable or messy which prevents sore bottoms and the soft stretchy sides allow for the best fit for baby.

Sarah: I am unsure. They fit well, are soft and quite slim so they fit in a changing bag perfectly. They are very reliable they but they are expensive. Although they are worth it, I couldn't justify paying the price with all the other baby products that are needed at home. Shame the pricing is high as they really were great nappies to use.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: There isn’t anything I’d change. They’re a well-respected brand, they are available in a wide range of shops and although more expensive than others they are usually on offer so work out at a similar price. We are reaching a point where tabbed nappies are no longer suitable so will be moving to a pant style which Pampers also offer. I honestly can’t fault the brand at all.

Rachel: There is not much I would change as this product is a good all-rounder. As my daughter grows up I do start to worry about the planet and wonder if Pampers could make the products more environmentally friendly. I couldn’t find any information in the leaflet about how quickly pampers products biodegrade and in the world we live in this should be considered. If Pampers make a conscious effort, this could be the start of all companies doing something small for the planet and future generations. Overall they are a brilliant product.

Rebecca: The only thing I would change is the availability of the product domestically and internationally. I often struggle to get hold of the Premium Protection products which is frustrating as I like consistency! When abroad for over seven days, we like to buy nappies out there to save space on luggage. However, the Premium Protection option is not stocked so I will then have to revert back to the standard option. In terms of the product itself, I wouldn’t change anything.

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