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Tesco Fred & Flo Newborn Nappies Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Value Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range

At a glance: 

Fred & Flo Newborn nappies are made from ultra-soft cotton and make sure your baby is 'snug in a bug'. The breathable material helps support their healthy bottoms and has a waistband to help you know when your baby needs the next size up. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Gillian: As a first-time mum I’ve found Tesco’s Fred & Flo newborn nappies extremely easy to use and reliable. They are clearly marked for you to know back & front instantly – a feature I am very thankful for, especially in the wee hours of the morning when I have a screaming newborn on the change mat! They fit my baby well and feel soft on his delicate skin. The wetness indicator is very useful in knowing when to change his nappy and in my experience they contain smells reasonably well.

Nicky: These nappies are fantastic. They have a simplistic look, but a design which makes them easy to use. My mother in law has a habit of putting disposable nappies on the wrong way around, she didn’t have any problems with these and also found them really easy to use, not one was the wrong way on! These are comfortable for my little one, we didn’t have any leaks, not even at night. I have a front sleeper and previously this has resulted in wet nights from their bum being in the air and wet dripping down the front. These were secure enough for this not to happen without being tight and uncomfortable. We use disposable and reusable nappies. I have struggled like a lot of people to find an alternative to the Aldi nappies. After they changed their design they weren’t as effective and we started to have a lot of leaks. These will be the ones we will be using from now on. They don’t leave any horrible chemical smell like we were finding with our previous brand. We haven’t found that they cause any kind of rash or discomfort. The cost is really reasonable and affordable.

Anna: I am really impressed with these nappies. I feel they are a good fit for my daughter and we haven't had any leaks. The nappies seem to be very absorbent, but it is easy to see when they are wet due to the colour change indicator. The back and front of the nappy cone quite high up which seems to help keep the contents inside! I feel the claim that they have been designed with the umbilical cord site in mind is accurate: the top of the happy folds down easily which means that the tummy button or cord clamp can be exposed.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nicole: I found the design very plain. Other supermarket brand nappies have much nicer designs e.g. cartoon animals, but this one just had a very small star print. I couldn’t recommend this nappy as it doesn’t last long enough before leaking and it feels quite rough for a newborn nappy. I would recommend other supermarket brands to fellow mums over and above this one.

Amy: I would recommend these nappies to other mums as they are so soft and feel lovely for a newborn. I also really like the packaging. One of the speech bubbles says: "cottony soft" which makes me think of clouds and marshmallows. This makes them sound perfect for a baby. They are also breathable and my son didn’t have any nappy rash while he was wearing them. They are so easy to see when you need to go to the next size up when you pull the straps round there are lines so when the straps do not reach them anymore you know it’s time to move up. They also have a weight guide 6lb-13lb my son was born 9lb 3oz so he didn’t stay in this size for long.

Kate: Yes, the nappies function well and are slightly cheaper than some competitors. The material, however, is not quite as soft as other premium brands we have used, but softer than some less expensive brands we have used in the past. Therefore, this particular brand of nappy is a good option for new-born babies as this is a time when the baby is having frequent nappy changes.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gillian: My experience of other products on the market is very limited as my newborn is so young so I’ve not got a lot to compare them to, but so far Fred & Flo nappies stand out to me in value for money and in reliability. The cotton soft material is a huge plus and in my experience of using the nappies they tick off all the claims on the packaging. For that reason, I would recommend they should win the award.

Amy: I really like these nappies as they are so affordable, a lot of mums struggle with the price of baby products that match up with quality and these do just that. They fit baby really well, they are not too tight or loose and gather nicely at the legs which prevent accidents. I love the fact they are cotton soft. The design is a bit plain on these nappies though and some nappies like pampers have cute little pictures/ designs on as well which I think adds a really nice feature.

Kate: Yes, we would choose this brand. On the whole, the nappies were a good compromise between the cost and performance and softer feel of other well-known established nappy brands. They have generally performed as well as other more expensive brands we have used, i.e. there have been no leaks and no irritation or rubbing of baby’s skin. Although the material is somewhat stiffer than other brands we were still happy to use them for our new-born.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicky: The only thing I would change would be to have them in even bigger packs, but that is all. Everything else we love.

Anna: I feel that this nappy functions really well and is very practical and well designed. I don’t think there is anything I would change about the overall design of the nappy. It might be nice if the design on the front of the nappy was more interesting but this is definitely not an essential feature and certainly would not stop me from buying or recommending this product.

Nicole: If I could change one thing about this nappy it would be to increase the absorbency in order to improve the reliability of use. I would expect 4 hours plus from a disposable nappy with no leaks and competitor brands achieve this. For mums, it is important to be confident in getting out and about without worrying about nappy leaks and clothes changes so this is key.

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