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Bambino Mio Mioduo two-piece reusable nappy Review


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  • 2021 Shortlisted Reusable Nappy

The Bambino Mio mioduo two-piece reusable nappy is a simple and versatile nappy made up of two sizes of nappy cover and a one size foldable insert which will see little ones through from birth to when they're potty ready. Made from 100% cotton, the foldable nappy insert is a super absorbent material and provides a soft and natural option for baby, making it perfect for delicate little bottoms. The nappy cover ensures a snug, leak-proof fit as baby grows by using the adjustable hook and loop fastenings. Available in a range of stylish designs.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Hannah Edwards says: "Having never tried reusable nappies before I was a bit lost on what to do! But actually, after researching I found the nappy made life a little easier with regards to recycling and nappy bins! I found that I haven't got time wasted collecting nappies from all the bins and recycling them weekly and calling the council for more bags."

Jamila Osman says: "Since using the reusable nappy, i have saved a fortune. At first i was a bit wary however after a friend convince me to try, i gave it a go and it was the best decision i made! The design is simple and easy to use, its made out of durable fabric and does not look bulky on my baby as i previously envisaged. Its easy to clean and you can even get special laundry detergent made bambino mio. I have less waste leaving my home as the bins were usually filled with nappies, not only am i saving money however i feel as though i'm doing my bit saving the enviroment by reducing our waste, really gutted i didn't try this with my first child."

Katie Osman says: "For us I found this product didn’t make life any easier. I really wanted to love it and be converted to reusable nappies, but I found the insert was just far too bulky. It took a number of wash cycles to get the insert to start becoming softer and easier to use. Knowing that it is reusable and I wouldn’t be caught out without enough nappies was really reassuring."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Swati Panesar says: "I love the variety of prints that you can get with the Mio Duo. They fit really well and are stretchy around the cuffs and waist. This ensures a good fit. I use them with liners and this is an additional cost but makes it hygienic and easy to clean in the wash. All in all I'm happy with how it is made."

Toni Perrett says: "These are really easy to use and because there's only two pieces to deal with it makes nappy changing super quick. The velcro straps are child-friendly so they don't scratch my baby's skin and they don't catch on other fabrics in the washing machine. The range of prints are incredibly cute. The nappy holds urine really well but I will admit I'm still too chicken to use it for a number two! Also if you use disposables for nighttime you can pop the cover over the top to add an extra layer of protection."

Holly Riddick says: "Easy to use, easy to wash and environmentally friendly. I also would recommend as I found it really soft on my baby’s bottom. I also found that in hot weather it seemed to keep my baby more comfortable than a disposable nappy. Compared to other similar products on the market I found this nappy cover much better quality."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Vicki Smith says: "The prodict itself was very good in the fact that our little girl had no leaks whilst wearing it at all. She has been wearing it once a day and so far so good. We are very pleased and impressed with the absortion. We have not tried any others but have seen them and felt the quality of the cloth and they do not feel as good and would be happy to proceed with these."

Nikki Swinburn says: "The fact that the reusable nappies are more eco friendly is a big plus. Saving hundreds over time of one time nappies going to landfill. The interchange designs makes it more stylish and a fun aspect to the nappies. Its an easy system to learn and the nappies are less bulky than two in one or all in one systems you get. They are easy to wash and dry so quick it makes a big difference when choosing a reusable nappy."

Jessica Williams says: "I wouldn't. I'm still keen to find a reusable nappy that offer good protection, a good fit and convenience - I think perhaps its the fact that the is a 2 price nappy rather than an integrated one, which caused us to have more issues with it. But I think getting the fit right was hard. I struggled to find a way to fold the interior towel so there was good, consistent fit across the diaper, without it bunching up in places. The nappy cover also didn't fit my son very well, and was veryry short and tight on the torso, but loose around the leg holes."

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica Williams says: "For me the sizing of the cover and the compatability of that with fitting the absorbent pad in I think we're the element I struggled with most. Ideally there would be more ways to adjust the fit of the cover, or perhaps decide by other measurements than weight. Although my son was the right weight for a Size 1, it seemed very short on him, barely covering both his front and back when then absorbent pad was in place. It was also very tight around his tummy, and left red marks. And trying to find a way to put the absorbent pad in, which seemed tk be a different length than the cover but not so long that you could just fold it in half, made this somewhat challenging to use and get a good fit on."

Hannah Edwards says: "I would maybe offer it in packs for three to five and ten. Also, offer an instruction video? I found myself going to YouTube and mum blogs to ask for advice on how to use them. I love the designs so maybe more choices on that? And maybe the sizing could be a bit better explained when knowing what to buy."

Jamila Osman says: "I would not change anything. This product is great in all aspects, the price is very reasonable, the design is suitable. The quality is high and the instructions are easy to follow. Its eady to clean, and also a clean pair can be carried around in a small changing bag which is always handy when on the go."

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