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Bambino Mio miosolo all-in-one nappy Review

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At a glance:

We love the bright and colourful designs of the Bambino Mio reusable nappies. With a soft and silky feel, our mums loved the soft and silky feel of the nappies and found they had no leaks or irritated skin. That said, it’s pretty bulky under clothes, but all in all a great little nappy.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: I love this nappy. It is by far the best reusable we have used. It is durable, kept my baby dry with no leaking what so ever. We don’t get any nasty smells when using this. My baby also has not suffered from any nappy rash. My baby felt dry to touch when changed and not damp in any way. The nappy itself is easy to clean, I used a 60 hot wash and used the miofresh laundry cleanser.

Beverley: This product is a reusable nappy so it is better for the environment and as a mummy that tends to use disposable nappies I feel like I am helping the environment more by using these nappies.

Gemma: This is a beautiful product and I enjoyed using it. I love the fact that it is one size and that it can be adapted to grow with my daughter. I found it just as easy to use as any nonreusable nappy and found I was able to put it on my daughter while she was moving around. There is such a wide range of beautiful and fun designs that would make any mum happy to show their little one-off. I found that they were nice and soft on my daughter's skin but felt that they could only be worn for a couple of hours.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alice: The design of this nappy is the closest that you can come to the convenience of a disposable, but with the eco-credentials using a reusable. It is easy to use, just tuck in the extended absorbing pad (it doubles back in the pocket of the wrap) and pop on to your little one's bottom using the supersoft velcro. The poppers mean that you can use the same set of nappies until your little one is ready to be nappy trained. Personally, I don’t believe that anything can be easier than disposable nappies, but as a parent making a choice to try to reduce the waste that our household puts out into the world, this style of reusable is the easiest that can be used and therefore my favourite.

Erin: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum who was considering using cloth/reusable nappies. The nappy is really easy to wash and dry. I felt it was a nice secure fit and the fabric felt soft against my baby's skin. It successfully contained an explosive poo so the clothes were saved from the leak. I did have to use a booster pad though as the first time I used it on my daughter she ended up wet after an hour of wearing it. The booster I added made the nappy a bit bulkier but it improved the absorbency for urine. The fact that it is an All In One means you don't need to buy or wash the wraps separately. I really liked the print design too.

Elizabeth: If they were looking to cloth nappy, yes I would recommend. The designs are really cool and think you could get a good collection going. I liked the design with the pocket and internal towelling part. It felt like it would be very absorbent. My daughter liked wearing it but my toddler really didn't like it. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Amy: I love how this nappy can be used from a baby right up to a toddler. It is amazing to look back on photos of them in the same nappy and compare how much they have grown. I did have trouble with leaking though, quite a few times I had leaks but it did seem to hold the poo. I tried with the poppers on a tighter and looser setting but I still seem to get leaks, I think I am going to keep trying and maybe as he gets older it will be more sustainable to the leaks as I love the design.

Erin: I really liked the Bambino Mio reusable nappy as I liked the all-in-one feature. I have only ever used one other type of reusable nappy which was a 2 part system where the waterproof wrap is separate to the cloth nappy meaning you can buy them separately. You also have the option to add in booster pads to the cloth nappy which helps increase the absorbency. I took the booster pad from other cloth nappy and inserted it into the Bambino Mio solo which helped increase the absorbency. I am not sure it is absorbent enough on its own for my daughter but overall I think it is a great contender for its category and a well designed nappy.

Hannah: I like the design of this product with the colours and the material used. I also like the extendable buttons that come with the product meaning that you can use it at a variety of ages which means that you don't need to keep buying it as the baby grows. I also think it is very reasonably priced for the market it is in.

What changes would you make to this product?

Elizabeth: I would perhaps make them more adjustable around the legs so that it didn't leave such a red mark. I don't think there is much else that could be improved. If you are planning to cloth nappy this is a great option and would meet your needs for sure. If it fitted my daughter better and didn't require so much work to wash them I might have switched.

Beverley: If I could change one thing about these nappies, I would change the price because they are quite expensive. If I were to use them daily I would need 15 of them which would cost a lot of money and the washing would still be expensive overall. I also believe that more people would buy and use them if they retailed at a cheaper price.

Dannibelle: I would really enjoy and feel that it would make my life better if the Miosolo all in one nappy was sold WITH the nappy liners as I feel that is very important to have. Just from my own personal experience as mentioned above, I avoided using the reusable nappy during his stools sessions and at night as I did not have the liners as part of this review.

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