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Charlie Banana Organic Cotton One-Size Reusable Nappies Review

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Charlie Banana Organic Cotton One-Size Reusable Nappies at a glance:

This nappy certainly stands out against the crowd in terms of longevity, as it was strong, durable and as soft as a baby’s bottom! The adjustable sizing, using poppers, is ideal for growing tots and we love the stylish wet bag that comes with the nappy.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate Allen says: "The nappy had an attractive design and was slim fitting compared to other reusable nappies on the market. The fabrics used were soft and gentle on my babies skin. I have been impressed with the absorbency of the nappy and haven't yet had any leaks even with loose poo's and the nappy lasts well overnight and my babies skin felt nice and dry in the morning. Even my husband who doesn't normally like using reusable nappies was very impressed by this nappy and felt it was easy to use."

Tiffany Barritt says: "Not having to go to the supermarket when you run out of nappies or having to change sizes as these nappies move with you. They are really quick to snap on and off and once you’ve gotten used to them, they really are just as quick and efficient. They fold up nice and small so easy to carry with you where ever you go."

Jo Batchelor says: "This product makes life as a mum so much easier as my little boy would wake up every morning wet from a leaking nappy. After trying these nappies at night it completely solved the issue. They are so easy to use as well! I thought it would be a pain to wash but it’s really not, and they are so easy to fit."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Alexandra Bell-Auge says: "I would recommend these as I love the one size fits all adaptability design; for me it means that although the initial cost of purchasing these is quite expensive, I know that in the long run it will cost far less than disposable nappies. I would choose theses nappies as they are surprisingly easy to put even for a first timer to reusable nappies. They are incredibly soft and kept my baby clean, no leakages and his skin was not irritated."

Jo Benn says: "I always have a nappy to hand and I definitely feel I am being kinder to the planet using a reusable nappy as these won’t sit in landfill for hundreds of years. They can be adjusted to get a snug fit from baby to toddler, they wash well, quick drying, the organic cotton inner line is soft and doesn't stain and you can also use them with disposable inserts."

Stacey Bentham says: "I personally would not be recommending this product to my friends or fellow mums as I did not feel it made life easier quicker or cheaper. However if a mum did want to use reusable nappies I thought the design and the material of these nappies were really nice. The material was soft and good for baby skin and the design was lovely and child friendly."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise Bishop says: "From the research we have some since receiving the Charlie Banana nappies, I do believe this is a brand we would have tried. Their website was very informative, with lots of designs, choices and the option of trial kits. We were impressed with the use of natural products in the nappies so this did draw our attention to this brand. We found people had good things to say about these nappies and word of mouth in the parenting community is worth its weight in gold!"

Danielle Harker says: "I think so yes. I can only compare these to the reusable nappies I’ve bought on ebay and I can say that the Charlie Banana nappies are of a higher quality for sure. The designs are better and the material feels softer – I would definitely want this fabric next to my baby’s skin. I also think the poppers stay on better than other ones i have tried."

Talisa Paterson says: "I would choose this product above all the others on the market because of the designs you can buy, they are all so lovely. I even like the girls one for my boy. No one sees them so it doesn’t matter. Again they are sooo soft for him. I think this product should win because they are well priced and very cute!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Kate Allen says: "The poppers on the wings to attach around the waist are alternatively spaced this therefore makes it more fiddly to do the poppers up around the waist especially when baby is wriggly as it cant be done easily in one quick manoeuvre. If the 2 poppers on each wing were closer together this would make it easier."

Tiffany Barritt says: "I would like more infomation. I couldn’t find that much online when I was researching them. Even reading the packaging I found it confusing as to exactly what you were supposed to do. I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos before I was confident enough to get started. I’d like to feel more confident if I was paying out so much money."

Jo Batchelor says: "I really like these nappies, however the one thing I would change would be how heavy they are even when they are not full. Which is a shame as they are really nice. They also are a little bulky when worn by my little boy. So I would say the heaviness and how bulky they are could improve this product and help make it better."


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