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Dotty Bots Cloth Nappies Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2014 Shortlisted Reusable Nappy
Mother & Baby 2014 Shortlisted Award Winner

Dotty Bots Cloth Nappies are attractive and absorbent. They will last all night with three inserts and can do a four hour stretch with two inserts. That said; there is not a lot of room for extra boosting although they do fit well just on their own, and adjust easily too.

The inserts popper into place (which is great!) but the inner cloth that facilitates the feature tends to let moisture back onto baby’s bottom. The suede cloth itself does a good job although it seems to pick up every bit of fluff that might be lurking in the washing machine!

The double gusset is excellent and the nappies dry quickly. They’re also soft and slim-fitting.

The included ‘wet bag’ does not meet the general high standard of the nappies and some bigger sizes would be a welcome addition but overall a fabulous British product that's ideal for parents shopping on a budget!

Product Information
  • Dotty Bots nappies are a pocket system nappy to suit baby from birth (7lbs) to potty training. They have a 3 layer technology:
  • 1st Layer: Microfibre fleece layer - This is the contact layer to the babys skin. The microfibre wicks and locks the moisture away from babyinto the next layer. 
  • 2nd Layer: A 3 layer terry towelling/bamboo fleece soaker allowing moisture to be soaked up. Nb: All dotty bots nappies come with 2 inserts one large and a slightly smaller booster great for dry nites. 
  • 3rd Layer: 100% Waterproof and breathable Polyurethane laminate outer to protect babys clothes from moisture leakeage. All nappies come with full wearing and washing instructions, plus some hints and tips from me! 

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