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TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch Review

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  • 2019 Gold Reusable Nappy

At a glance:

This brilliant nappy system will last the night no problem - it's bombproof, super absorbent and gorgeously soft next to your baby's delicate skin. It is slim fitting and stretchy giving a fabulous fit every time with adjustable poppers to allow the nappy to grow with your baby. There are two sizes available for smaller or larger babies. The nappy stays softer longer which is great for hard water areas.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Emma: I would recommend these and have actually offered them to my pregnant sister for after we’ve used them! I was a bit nervous about trying them, especially since my little one is a bit older and wriggler now. We found them easy to use once we got in a routine with washing. I love the look of them and that they are kinder to the environment.

Tania: They are incredible. No need to buy different sizes of nappies, no need to despair if nappies are running out and they are good for the environment. Obviously, they are a bit smelly while soaking but they are easy to wash and good for our babies bum. One size is good even for bigger toddlers. They can be a bit pricey in the beginning but through all years of using nappies, they will prove to be a lot cheaper. Plus you can always save them for new children.

Niamh: I would definitely recommend these nappies to any mums or mums to be. The design is so practical and easy to use. I loved how much more hygienic these are compared to others as the bamboozle nappies keep all wetness in the nappy rather than left on the babies skin. It is so much easier being able to flush all toilet waste down the loo. I found the nappies to fit my little boy better and he seemed a lot more comfortable moving around in them as they stayed in one place.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ruth: These are the best nappies for overnight use. They are really absorbent and they make my life easier as I never have to worry about running out of disposables. They help my baby sleep better. I like that the wrap is separate from the nappy as it means I only need to wash the Bamboozle Stretch each time. I just wipe clean the wrap as due to the absorbency the wrap is protected.

Tella: These have made my life easier because they are so easy to use. The instructions were easy to understand and they had photos which were very useful. The nappies were so easy to wash/clean and they looked lovely. My little one looked very nice in them. It made life easier for my little one because it’s more comfortable for them to wear. I would give them 10/10.

Pamela: I had never used reusable nappies prior to this so I was quite apprehensive. The website was really useful for newbies to reusable nappies and has options of packs. The liners were useful and stopped the nappy getting covered in mess. There were no leaks, even overnight. They do hold a surprising amount of wee. My daughter did not seem phased at all using these nappies and her usual disposable ones. They were bulkier but she still bum shuffled in her usual way.

Would you choose this product to win?

Christine: These are the best reusable nappies I have come across. They are easy to put together, a good size, they perform well (we had very few leaks) and they are easy to wash. I also really liked the colourful designs on the outside wrap. I think that compared to other washable nappies they seem reasonably priced.

Cadey: I'm not fully aware of any products with the same kind of use. I'd definitely recommend it to people as something to purchase when having a baby. They clean really well which I don't think is widely known enough. I think they are perceived as something which would become dirty easily and not very clean to use. I'd definitely nominate this product to win mainly for pricing and the different designs that are really pretty.

Helen: It sits in the middle in terms of price alongside other reusable nappies. I like that it can be adjusted lengthwise for baby by using poppers so it would last a long time size wise, making it a great investment. They are super soft and fluffy. They really feel like they are comfortable for your baby. The velcro fits the nappy snug to your baby and there are tabs to stick the velcro too to prevent sticking to other things. I absolutely love the peenut wraps, they are so cool! Bright, colourful and fun. It seems TotsBots really have thought of everything.

What changes would you make to this product?

Eve: I would really like the drying time on the Bamboozle to be shorter while maintaining the same level of absorbency. I don’t know if that would be possible. While I do highly rate the Bamboozle Stretch I don’t feel like it would be practical to use them away from home due to the length of time they need to hang out to dry.

Emma: My biggest struggle is drying them! If we’re not having sunny days (it is great when I can’t hang them outside) it takes me a while to get them dried. This isn’t a massive issue but is something that I found a bit difficult. Some clothes were a bit tighter around them, dungarees tended to pop at her bottom, but that is definitely not a deal breaker for me.

Tania: Nothing. They are perfect. I would say the price, but it wouldn't be fair. The product is high quality, is useful, washes well, can be used over and over, grows with the child and you have covers for it. I cannot find any fault or complain about it. I am very pleased and very happy to use them. I even see improvements on nappy rashes.

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