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TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch Review

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  • 2020 Bronze Reusable Nappy

At a glance:

Our panel of mum testers loved the bright, colourful colours of the Bamboozle Stretch and thought the nappy was great value for money. This nappy has a snug fit due to the poppers but can take a little while to dry as it is so absorbent. This product is also featured in our article on the best reusable nappies.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kirsty: The bamboozle is so easy to use as it is a 'pre-made' fitted nappy and goes on just like a disposable nappy using the velcro to secure. They are easy to store in a wet bag before washing - no soaking required. Using reusable nappies does mean a couple of extra washes a week which some parents may not feel is 'easier' but it is worth it to know that we aren't creating loads of waste with disposables and is so much better for babies' bums. It can take a while to dry so you would need several of these nappies to use in rotation.

Anna: When we first tried reusable nappies I wasn’t too sure if they would help to make life easier and were just about being environmentally friendly. However having now used them, I can see the money-saving benefits too, and also they helped a lot with my baby's nappy rash - in fact, it’s almost gone now. They are really easy to put on and reduce the risk of leaks (especially overnight.)

Lucy: It’s great to be able to use a nappy that is reusable and to feel you are doing something to help the environment. Once you get your head around all the different components that make up the nappy, it is very easy to use. It’s a bit of trial and error as to how many inserts etc you need. But overall is a nice product.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lauren: I'd recommend these to fellow parents because they're so easy to use, environmentally friendly, kind to your baby's delicate skin, and will save you money in the long run. I feel really passionate about cloth nappies and these are definitely one of my favourites. I'd urge anyone to give this particular nappy a go, because they really are great. 

Liana: Yes, I would if they were interested in using reusable nappies. I really like the design of them as well. The simple white ones are very soft. I loved that they folded well, saved me money and I feel they were more comfortable for my child than a disposable nappy as it didn’t droop as much and looked nicer on her. For hygiene purposes, I would not recommend using it in public as I found it was a lot of messing around to be done with, then having to carry it around instead of disposing of it.

Carol: A wide variety of designs, very user-friendly and intuitive in use. Good to help the environment, the outlay cost is high but worth it in the long run. The brand is also reputable and well known so I'd be happy to recommend this to another mum without hesitation especially if using reusable nappies for the first time.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kirsty: I definitely think this nappy should win! It is the most absorbent nappy that I have used. They are fantastic for overnight use without having any changes in the middle of the night, and no leaks in the morning! It is good value for money because it will last until the baby is a toddler. These will save you so much money because they will last several babies as they are so well made.

Anna: I love how soft the bamboozle stretch nappy is, and the fact that it grows with your baby and can be used until baby is out of nappies. The patterns available are lovely, and they seem to be very good value for money. They are very absorbent, easy to wash and dry, and remain very soft after several uses.

Carol: Yes, the brand is well known, reputable and trustworthy. Definitely worth the money. It's easy to be squeamish about reusables but somehow using these nappies from this brand makes it less bothersome. The fit of the nappy works really well and doesn't cause any leakages, chafing and no nappy rash (or only very, very mild!)

What changes would you make to this product?

Ruth: Bamboozle stretch is a two-part nappy and I wonder if, given that I am new to reusable nappies and heavily reliant on convenience items, I would get on better with an all in one nappy. I am aware however that Totsbots also make an all in one and based on my experiences with Bamboozle stretch, I am planning to try it out.

Lauren: If I could change one thing about this product it would be the wraps, not the bamboozle itself. The 'seamless legs' are a good idea in theory, but I think they let the product down. I'd choose other wraps over the peanut wrap because of this, as I find other brands are less likely to leak. I really hope Tots Bots take this on board.

Lucy: I would change how bulky it is as once you’ve added inserts to the nappy, it ends up looking like something a sumo wrestler would wear! My son wasn’t keen on the feeling of wearing such a big nappy and just looked really uncomfortable. We are persevering with it, trying to cut down his evening bottle so that he won’t need the extra insert.

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