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TotsBots Easyfit Review


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  • 2020 Silver Reusable Nappy

At a glance:

These Easyfit nappies are beautiful, with no skin irritation or rashes and safe for the most sensitive of skin. Our panel of mum testers loved how easy these nappies were to clean, with the accompanying washing powder making them stand out from the crowd. These nappies are compact, comfy and crucially – eco-friendly. An excellent product.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Sikha: These nappies go on much like disposables so they are really easy and much more acceptable to family members who weren't that on board with cloth. We will definitely use them for the nursery too. I think you'd need quite a stash to use these full time as they did take a long time to dry, but the flip side of that is that they were really absorbant which is more important to us. They weren't bulky on our baby and therefore also weren't too big to take out and about in the changing bag. Also, I love a cute cloth bum and the fab designs on these nappies just add to the cuteness!

Naomi: These all in one reusable nappies are so easy to wash, use and store. The bamboo inserts take a long time to dry as they absorb so much, it takes the extra absorption over quick dry time. It takes five minutes to chuck in the machine, five to hang up and five to fold up and put away. However, in comparison to throwaway nappies, they do take up more time but the fact nothings going into landfill and they are kinder to babies' bums outweighs this.

Louise: This product makes my life easier because it fits so well onto the baby and is soft and comfortable for him. The nappy is so easy to use and designed perfectly for a snug fit. The fact that it can be used from newborn right through to potty training is brilliant so there is no need to pay out and organise another set of nappy’s a few months down the line. The poppers are easy to use to change the size of the nappy and the adapt to baby’s growth. A great product.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Olivia: Yes I would definitely recommend these to a friend or fellow mum. The designs are fantastic. They look so fun compared to disposable nappies and really enjoyed choosing which nappy I was going to use. The design is gender neutral which for me is also a great selling point. They are made from recycled plastic on the outside, which is fabulous and the inside is lovely and soft and clearly made from good quality natural fibres. They are very easy to put on, although a bit fiddly when it comes to disposing of poo down the toilet etc, as I can’t leave my baby alone on the changing table. 

Charlotte: I would recommend these reusable nappies as they are soft and comfortable for the baby, and also have lovely eye-catching designs. The nappies are very easy to put on and adjust well to fit the size of the baby, meaning most mums would only need one set of these for as long as their baby is in nappies, which is far easier than worrying about buying the right size nappy and when to change sizes. The nappy is quite absorbent and I have had no leakages whilst trialling the product.

Alice: I don’t think that cloth nappies necessarily make a mind life easier, as there is more work involved with any design of cloth than just whacking on a disposable. However, these cloths were the easiest that I have experienced in terms of getting the nappy on and working with minimal fuss. My husband even conceded that these are a very good product and that he would be happy to continue using them, and this is a man who will find the shortcut out of everything. The fleece liners wick the moisture away from the baby’s skin to keep them comfortable and the disposable liner makes it easy to dispose of poo without getting it everywhere. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Gina: Yes. I really loved these nappies. Tots bots customer service were also great. I had to contact them as the nappy did not arrive, and they were very quick to respond to say the package had been sent back to them. It was delivered the next day! They are very easy to use, so an ideal introduction to reusable nappies. So great for grandparents, childcare, babysitters or just new parents. They are very lovely to look at and are not as big around the bum as some reusable nappies can be. Once you get into a wash routine it becomes easier, but this is no issue really. The only problem I had is that these can take longer to dry than other nappies, which if you did not have a large stock could be an issue.

Grace: I think this product stands out due to the beautiful prints and easy usability. They are great nappies made from super soft material. It is so good to know that the nappies are not going to landfill in this day and age, where we are realising the damage single-use products do to the environment, which we want to preserve for our beautiful children. I think the birth to toddler sizing is fantastic and it is so easy to cage the sizing as your baby grows, the fact that you won't need to replace as your baby grows is a huge selling point.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hayley: This is a tricky one because there isn't really much that can be changed. They are what you see and do the exact job a nappy should do. The only thing I could comment on is the fact you have to pre-wash the nappies up to 8 times before use which isn't really convenient if you need to use them quickly. I really think this is something that could be done before the nappies are sold on the market. That's the only disappointment I could comment on.

Sarah: I would aim for them to be 100% biodegradable and disposable, making the whole experience faster, cleaner and easier for the user. If that wasn't possible, then I feel that the comfort needs to be addressed around the child's waist - when leaning forward in them (even when not tight) they left a red mark on the skin for some time.

Louise: There is nothing I would change about this product. The only possible thing I could write is that they take a while to dry after being washed but this is not something that I think can be changed or improved for the product. I can not fault these reusable nappies in any possible way they are fantastic.

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