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Mamaruga Zensling Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Baby Carrier/Sling

At a glance:

The Mamaruga Zensling is a unique, soft, comfortable and adjustable carrier. A good first-time carrier it is easy to put and it goes from newborn onwards.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kelly: It is extremely easy to use and adjust and supports a wide weight range making it suitable for babies of any age. It also has a lovely design and the colour is beautiful and vibrant. I would also recommend it because of the very reasonable price. It is an ethical product so that gives it a huge thumbs up from me too.

Katherine: Soon after opening, I noticed an email from Mamaruga with a PDF attached for the 'zen sling user manual', a very clear step by step photo guide of how to use this product. The carrier is fabulous with a sleek design, not too fussy on the front and very comfortable. Easily washable and folds up easily.

Mike: The design is very simple but gives you a very confident feeling that it will do a great job holding your baby. It is also very easy to put on by yourself and the material is soft, comfortable and adjustable. Our baby was happy to ride around in it all day. The build quality is of a high standard and it folds up small enough to be mobile. It has different positions, so you can carry your baby on your front, back or hip and these are easy to achieve.

How did this product make your life easier?

Natasha: Life as a mum is made much easier with the Zensling. I am able to go hands-free, running around after an active two-year-old at the same time knowing my newborn is safe and snug in the carrier. It allows me to get jobs around the house done as well as doing everyday activities with minimal fuss. The baby is comfortable and it allows me to go out without the hassle of taking the pram.

Hannah: The is an excellent product that I would recommend to any parent of a newborn or infant. It is priced slightly more than some other slings on the market however you really can see and feel that this is a quality product. My baby boy feels secure, safe and I can tell he finds it comfortable as regularly falls asleep in it. The sling is very user-friendly, easy to put on, easy to remove as well as being a stylish product.

Katherine: What a godsend! As a mother of fussy baby number, the sling has been wonderful. From nipping out to collect my older child from preschool, popping on for a walk where it's not buggy friendly, throwing on when the baby is having a fussy hour and I need to get on with the jobs this sling is brilliant! Also a lovely way to bond with a baby/child.

Would you choose this product to win?

Mike:  The product is soft and pliable and very lightweight. The padded shoulder straps add to the comfort and also have the option to spread the material (and load) across your shoulders. The straps and buckles are all solidly built but easy to use, and the sling even has a hooded flap which can be raised onto the baby's head to shelter them from the elements. I would definitely choose the ZenSling over a material wrap or a more rigid sling as it has the best of both worlds with none of the drawbacks.

Natasha: I have a number of carriers/slings and this one is the best! When my newborn was small I used a wrap sling which was fine for a few weeks but it hurt my back as my little one got bigger. We also have an outdoor carrier which my husband wears but for me, the straps are too rigid and it doesn’t work as an everyday carrier. The Zensling for me is a happy medium.

Stacey: I would choose this product for comfort and design. It looks stylish and I didn’t suffer back pain. There are plenty of lovely designs available and the sling is washable. The baby appeared comfortable and slept whilst in the sling. I could also push my toddler in the buggy whilst wearing the sling. However, I do not think I would purchase this over other slings on the market as the baby cannot face outwards and the sling is quite expensive.

What changes would you make to this product?

Brid: The downside is that during the heat wave, the material made us a bit sweaty. The other bad thing was that having the waistband high up meant it would push down on my belly, causing a pouch underneath my clothes.

Karly: I would change the design, I would make it more single parent-friendly, making it easy for a parent to adjust the sling and put it on without needing help. It needs to be easier to tighten and loosen the sling.

Natasha: I think the product is fantastic but if I could change one thing it would just be to make the sleep hood slightly bigger so when it is over my little one’s head it blocks out all the light. I sometimes have to put an extra blanket over the top of it as she gets distracted and peeps through the gaps.

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