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Caboo +organic Herringbone Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Baby Carrier/Sling

At a glance:

The soft, organic Caboo +organic carrier provides the ultimate support for your little one while giving you hours for hands-free activity. With no tying or buckles to worry about, this carrier is easy to put on by yourself and suitable for your baby even from birth. It is also acknowledged as a “hip-healthy“ carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Melissa: I would definitely recommend this to other mums, especially if they are new to babywearing. It is so soft for both baby and mum and is so much easier to use than a traditional wrap. It is easy to store away too with its 'pouch' to keep both sections together. It is also easy for mum and dad to swap as it is easy and quick to alter.

Elizabeth: This product is great as allows you to be hands-free. It is easy to use and put on even for my big baby. I used it on my hip more due to the age and weight of my little boy. It was great for shopping and allows me to get on with my daily tasks knowing my little boy was secure. I also think if bought from birth you would definitely get a lot of use out of it.

Anna-Luisa: Its lightweight, neutral looking and can be packed away easily. For any mum that's looking for a quick and easy alternative to a pram for walks, this carrier is great. The design adapts to any shape, therefore dads can wear it with ease too. The carrier is easy to clean and place in the washing machine for quick re-use.

How did this product make your life easier?

Caitlin: This carrier makes it easier to carry the baby around both out and about and within the home. Sometimes baby just needs a day being close to you but you also need to get some jobs done around the home- this carrier allows you to be hands-free but for baby to feel comforted and cosy. It’s also comfortable when baby falls asleep in the carrier and you feel that they are secure and safe It is easy to wash and dries quickly.

Zoe: The Close Caboo is an excellent introduction to slings and babywearing as it combines the closeness of a sling with the extra security of the additional wrap. It allows you to keep your hands free when you are trying to comfort your baby and my twins will each happily sleep in it whilst I do housework/make lunch etc.

Laura: This is a perfect carrier for having a newborn baby. It would be really cosy for a young baby and would allow mums to get on with jobs around the house. Having my hands free to make a drink or eat a meal is liberating! The product feels really well made and I trust that my baby is safe in the carrier.

Would you choose this product to win?

Anna: The close Caboo sling is really straightforward to put on, doesn’t need any complicated knots and easy to get baby in the correct position. Nice and soft material with a nice herringbone pattern through it. My one reservation is the RRP of the sling, it is a good product but I’m not too sure if it is worth £69.99. Having said that it’s something I use more than a pram!

Anna-Luisa: I think this product should win as the carrier is not only stylish but made from organic materials, unlike many other carriers. The straps are not restrictive and can fit any size. It can be used regardless of gender and is of good quality. The sturdy design will last. Particularly recommended for taking on holidays for a quick alternative to using the pram.

Emma: I think the price of this product is a little on the expensive side as I don’t think that it stood out in comparison to my own product which was 1/2 the price. The quality was definitely better than my current one but for the extra price I felt like they were both as safe as each other and this is my main factor.

What changes would you make to this product?

Wendy: I would change the stage range. For smaller babies, I think this is perfect! It there was a better way of securing the carrier which did not slip when greater weights were applied that may work. I always recommend this to friends with newborns as it is so easy to put on, even in the “newborn sleepy dog!!”

Zoe: The only disadvantages of the Close Caboo are firstly that the two layers make it very warm in hotter weather so I'd be more likely to use it in cooler weather. Secondly, the instructions are quite confusing and it took me a number of times to get the wrap right which was a bit frustrating at first. Overall, it is excellent.

Melissa: One change I would make is to have the outer wrap a little deeper as it was a bit short for my little one. maybe it could have an extender option, to cater for newborns right up to older babies. There is not much else I would change, the fabric is lovely and soft, even after a wash and it is a really nice babywearing option.

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