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Close Parent Caboo Carrier Review

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The Caboo supports your baby in the frog-legged position (bottom lower than legs) for optimal spinal development.

The instructions are clear, it's easy to adjust, and it feels very natural and comfortable for both parent and baby.

Designed to carry very small babies (from 2.3kg) and it has a breastfeeding position, too.

Weight range: Newborn or 2.3kg - 14kg

Reviewed by Heidi Scrimgeour, 38, from Co AnTrim, and Alba, 13 months.

This was named Best for Housework in the M&B baby sling test.

Heidi said: ‘This cotton baby carrier is comfy enough to leave on even when you’re not carrying your baby, so it’s easy to pop her in and out when getting chores done at home.

‘The baby’s weight is distributed evenly and it feels very secure.

‘It’s the easiest of all the slings to adjust, even with a baby in. It fits from birth to 32lbs (an average 3-year-old).

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Product Information

Weight range: Newborn or 2.3kg - 14kg

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