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FreeRider Eucalyptus Baby Carrier Wrap Review

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  • 2020 Gold Best Baby Carrier/Sling

At a glance: 

This is the ideal baby carrier wrap that offers you hands-free movement throughout the day and during the night. Made from Eucalyptus, the wrap is silky soft, breathable and eco-friendly. The FreeRider encourages parents to be active while bringing the mother and baby close together. 

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lindsey: I would highly recommend the FreeRider as it has been impeccably designed, from the beautiful pattern on the sling right down to the (sustainably sourced) packaging it comes in, which is a gift box in itself. The material is incredibly soft and strong which gives me confidence that my baby will be not only comfortable in it but safe too. It even comes with a little pouch to keep it clean and safe; it folds up perfectly to fit into my nappy changing bag.

Nicola: I would recommend this due to price, ease of cleaning, and the ability to just pop it in your changing bag. It is lightweight and I had the eucalyptus print which was stylish and very soft on the skin. My baby enjoyed being in it and I felt closer to her than I do in my rather bulkier carrier I have. I have washed the FreeRider and it came out very well, my baby is drooling at the moment which meant the material for quite wet.

Samantha: Hands down one of the nicest slings I have set eyes on! It is actually beautiful. it feels amazing and it truly is a godsend! The videos sent on how to use this product were spot on, no faffing around with having to measure one and a half arms in fabric, literally a 5 step process to carrying your little one safely which is exactly what a Mum needs when little ones are getting a bit groggy waiting for Mummy! The packaging was almost as fabulous as the actual product! Arriving in a small letterbox sized box, meant it was sat on my doormat when I arrived home, no need to pop to the sorting office in town, so big points for that! The sling arrived within a fabric bag and there is so much information in the packaging regarding the story behind the product, the care instructions and also the other products in their range.

How did this product make your life easier?

Selina: I instantly fell in love with this product, I did not previously own a baby carrier wrap and found this an essential item for me whilst I've needed to have both hands free (such as now - whilst I'm writing this review!) It offers the advantage of maintaining close contact with my baby to offer her comfort. The carrier wrap is both a practical and essential item for any multi-tasking parent.

Samantha: I absolutely loved this sling! It was beautiful and so easy to use. My little one felt safe and secure within the sling and enjoyed being close to Mummy. In the late afternoons, little one becomes very snuggly, so having them in the sling meant that I was about to wash up the bottles, pots, prep tea and walk the dog, all using 2 hands. I also attended a fitness class using this sling and found that it dealt with all of the exercises and movements really well.

Eilidh: It's great having hands free and my baby is always calmer and happier when being carried. I can cook dinner with him in the sling which makes life much easier! It is very small so easy to tuck away in a bag and have out and about to prevent a meltdown. My older daughter hates the pram and having this as back up would have been great.

Would you choose this product to win?

Pamela: Yes, I would choose this above other products. It’s so easy to set up in comparison to a lot of the other slings and carriers on the market - this is a huge selling point for me. It’s very breathable material which is extremely important for me and easy to set up which is important as I don’t have time to mess about with straps and clips when I am trying to get ready to go out with my daughter.

Lindsey: This product should win above others as every single detail has been so carefully and personally thought out. The detailed instructions on how to use the sling are really helpful and it gave me the confidence that I’m supporting my baby in the right way. The fact that all the material used in the sling and packaging are sustainably sourced makes me feel like I’m making a difference to the environment. The final thing that really stands out to me is having a personal note written to me in the box, it is very rare you buy a product that makes you feel like you have a connection to the person who has invested their time and money making something that is perfect just for you.

Christina: The softness and breathability of the fabric and the designs of the wrap make this product stand out from others for me. I have tried other wraps and my baby gets so hot! The lightweight breathable fabric enables me to carry my baby safely and comfortably without either of us getting too hot. I would highly recommend this wrap.

What changes would you make to this product?

Fiona: I would love it to be more comfortable for the adult - I personally feel It does not offer the degree of lumbar support that I would require for long walks with my son (particularly as he got older and heavier). Further to this, it would be great if it had UV protection for the baby which would be useful whilst on holiday.

Selina: N/A - I really love this product and would not change a thing about the carrier. It is a carrier wrap that I will use time and time again with my little one and I look forward to seeing what further future designs the FreeRider company will create. The website is great and offers further tutorials to offer more support with using the product.

Nicola: The packaging, quality of the product and designs were top notch and I would not try to change this product, the demos were clear and concise and easy to follow. The brand itself is fresh and innovative and I don’t think they should change anything. Ideally, it would be great to have a zip pouch to put your card or phone but it would be difficult to incorporate this.

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