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LittleLife Ranger Baby Carrier Review

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  • 2015 Bronze Best Baby Carrier/Sling
Mother & Baby 2015 Bronze Award Winner

LittleLife’s Ranger Baby Carrier is so light it’s ridiculous! It pops on and off easily and is robust as well as comfortable – for both wearer and child. The baby carrier adjusts easily and the inclusion of a front bumper dribble pad is ingenious – even better is that it can be removed and washed.


It has nice little storage pockets although there could be more! What would be a brilliant addition to this product is a stand or extra leg that would convert the carrier into a self-standing chair for rest/lunch breaks; as it is, the carrier does not stand upright without an adult's foot on the anchor point.

It also doesn’t collapse, which makes storage difficult, and it does take up quite a bit of room in the boot – the simple inclusion of a hinge at either side of the frame at the bottom would make it possible to fold the carrier flat. With small corrections, the Ranger Baby Carrier would be perfect. Stylish, secure and sturdy, it makes taking little ones out and about an absolute pleasure.

Tested by Kate Bishop, mum to Holly, six months, and Poppy, two and a half years. She says: 

“This is stylish, lightweight and really good value. It suited both my children’s ages well.

“There’s no stand, which I missed, but it’s easy to use unaided. I like the way both the child and adult straps fasten really securely. But I could feel the bar at the base of my back, despite the padding, which was uncomfy on long walks.

“There also needs to be a bit more storage.”

Tested by Kate Gillies, mum to Rafe, 13 months. She says: 

“I found this to be the most logical and user friendly strap design – it went over Rafe’s head and had one central clip, then one either side for stability. If only all carriers worked like this!

“The shoulder straps are good quality, plus it’s lightweight, slimline and comfortable for longer walks. One drawback – it doesn’t stand up on its own, but at the price, I can live with that.”

Tested by Nikki Hunt, mum to Emmy, two years. She says: 

“Even though this was less adjustable than some of the others tested, it was so much easier to get comfortable and feeling ‘right’. The child harness is easy to fasten and adjust.

“It also had the best headrest, as it’s firm and cushioned. There’s no support leg, though, so I had to anchor it with my foot to keep it stable when it was on the floor. The storage is minimal too.” 

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Video transcript: 

OK so this is the Littlelife Ranger back carrier and one of the really nice things about this is just how lightweight it is. When you think about all of the back carriers that we've tested you really see a difference in how easy this is to carry around. It's £74.99 and it did really well in our test it scored 12 out of 15 I believe. And the only real drawback to draw your attention to is that this one doesn't have a support leg so when you take off your back, and you want to pop it down, you can see there's no way of sort of standing it up and so it depends really how desperately you need that feature. For me it's not something I miss so much because I find I usually use the back carrier when I'm with my husband so between the two of us we can work out so one of us holds the carrier and the other one takes their child in or out. But if you do lots of hiking and you want to be able to take the back carrier off and set it down for a 10 minute break or something then that might not be the right one for you. And I think this one's brilliant four walks around town and I think our testers described it as the ideal backpack for taking a little one for a walk to feed the ducks or something. So you probably don't want to take it up Everest. But it's great if you're looking for something really lightweight easy to pop it out of the boot without being too heavy to carry.

Great value and impressively robust. The other thing worth mentioning that all of our testers really loved was how easy the straps are to work on this one.

So I don't know if you can see this very well but there's a harness that comes all the way out and you can obviously open out these buckles at the side to make this space bigger to put your little one in, but once you put them in, it's just a question of placing them inside and then you lift the straps right over the top. And they just buckle in really easily at the front and then also at the sides just with clips like this.

And there's another one at the side, and one, if you can see it right down there at the front.

It just buckles over like that. What our testers loved about this is that you're not sort of wrestling straps over little one's shoulders or trying to deal with a really wriggly toddler or baby who maybe doesn't want to be strapped in it's really straightforward to get a little one out of. Another feature I really love which our testers also mentioned was this padded cushioned part to the front which my daughter certainly loves to fiddle with them play with and rest her head on needs a little bit of a nap, and the straps are also really to put on for the person who's wearing it I have to say. It's just two buckles, one at the front, and then one around the waist. And you can adjust those as you'd expect just by pulling here and pulling here.

And that's the Littlelife Ranger back carrier.

Product Information

LittleLife Ranger Carrier

Weight: 1.7kg (3lb 12oz)

Dimensions: 28 x 26 x 75cm

Max load: 20kg

Adult Fit: 5`2" - 6`2"

Suitable for ages: 6 months - 3 years 

Adjustable backsystem: Adjustable

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