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Nuna CUDL Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Baby Carrier/Sling

At a glance:

Nuna's CUDL carrier makes you feel close to your baby while giving you the chance to get on with your day as you would. You'll feel confident that your baby is nice and secure with the magnetic buckles in place. You will fall in love with the ease and comfort that the CUDL carrier provides. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Charlotte: I would recommend the product to others who have younger children or babies, although personally, the price is a bit steep for me. I like how there is a zip to make it smaller for newborns, and unzipped it creates more space as they grow. You can also tell its great quality and well made. The main thing I liked about it was the Velcro around the middle because a lot of other carriers I've seen or tried are buckled and uncomfortable.

Sophie: I would recommend this due to the high-quality organic fabric used, and the stylish nature of the product. The box was gorgeous, making it feel even more stylish, and the sling material was incredibly comfortable to wear. It felt comfortable for both parent and baby, and the cushioning was lovely. The ease of putting it on made it hugely appealing.

Abigail: This carrier is beautifully designed, and very comfortable to wear. The mesh fabric is very breathable which makes it a lifesaver in the summer heat. The magnetic clips make it so easy to clip together and I love that you start by clipping the back clips together before actually putting it on. This means you don’t have to awkwardly reach behind your back to do up a clip you can’t actually see. A little feature a lot of other baby carriers need to have! The set comes with two bibs which are so ideal because one can be washed whilst still using the carrier with the other bib. Useful if you have a sicky baby like mine! There’s a handy little zipped pocket on the waist belt. It’s worth noting that this is on the right-hand side so it might be annoying for left-handers.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: I love this product. It is very easy to use, to put on and put my baby into. I love that it’s so adaptable. It can be used from baby to aged 3, rather than having to buy a different product. It’s made my life easier because carrying my baby in this has meant that I have my hands free to get on with other things. It is a very well thought out product.

Stacey: I really liked that the product was able to carry older and heavier children and they felt comfortable. I had the carrier for my daughter when she was younger and it definitely wouldn't be suitable for her now at the age of two. I have quite a large dog and at the moment we usually go for a walk and my daughter has to go in the pushchair. However, she gets fed up after a while and wants to get out. This product gave us the chance to go for a walk and let my daughter walk when she was ready without me having to handle a child, a dog, and a pushchair at the same time. 

Hannah: It makes life easier as it keeps both of my hands free while the padding makes it very comfortable for myself and my child. The carrier is machine washable which is great as everyone knows that a child can make the most mess! It was so easy to clear up and keep using it. The protection for the child from zips means the baby's skin won’t get caught and hurt.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hannah: Yes, as it can be used in very different positions depending on how your child would be most comfortable. The added padding for different ages of the child helps the child to prolong them staying in the seat. It’s great to use when going on long walks while I have the dogs as well and the child is free to see everything as we go. 

Nicola: I personally would choose this product, if I knew about it when my little boy was born. It's not something I would probably invest in so late on now my little boy is 21 months. We had a baby carrier which we used up until he was 6-months-old. My son has always been really chunky and heavy so I ended up having to give up on the carrier we bought because it was really uncomfortable to wear. When I tried this one I knew just from opening the box that it was completely different from the one I had used. The fabric was thick, but soft and comfy. It left no marks on my son after I got him out. I always really worry about them digging into his legs but he was very happy and comfortable being in the carrier. The little storage pockets and extra neck support are all really lovely added extras to have which when you have just had a newborn. Anything that makes life easier and more comfortable is always a bonus. I had a section with my son so i had to be careful with what carrier I used, and this one definitely would have worked. With this carrier, I didn’t even get back pain when using it, the straps are so thick and wide over your shoulder which makes them really comfortable. The straps that you pull on either side are also easily adjusted once your child is in so you don’t have to worry about trying to twist round to make sure they are safe and secure on your back.

Stacey: I really liked the design of the carrier and it was very comfortable. I would have bought this product for my daughter for when she was younger but because she hasn't been in a carrier since she was around 1 year old, she didn't tolerate being strapped in for very long and she wanted to get out. I like that it comes with head support for a newborn and an organic bib.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: The zippered pocket isn’t the biggest and can only fit a couple of bank cards but that is literally all I can find wrong it’s comfortable for my child and comfortable for me easy to adjust between different people to use and love the fact it can be used on my back of the front. Easy to use when getting the child in and out.

Meg: Quite bulky but I understand this is due to the wide age range it can take. The sling isn’t too heavy when on before the baby is placed inside. The button fastenings I found to be quite fiddly, it took several minutes to ensure they were done correctly before I could trust my baby was safe to be carried.

Emily: To be honest I can’t think of anything negative about this sling, I love that it fits in and has made my day to day life easier. The sling is comfortable, durable, and has easy access to my child's legs. It's easy to put on and appears to be comfortable and well supported when inside. She also feels very close to me which I really like.

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