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Tula Explore Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Baby Carrier/Sling

At a glance:

Carry your baby with comfort and ease with the Tula Explore. Available in a range of designs to suit your colour preference, the Explore is a simple, hassle-free baby carrier with no bulk and easy to adjust on the move. The Explore was designed with baby in mind as it is perfect while your baby's hip and spine development take place. It has every carry position your child will need. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Alexandra: I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow Mum. It's an attractive, lightweight and comfortable product and very practical to use. My sling came in a really appealing print which is nicely unisex so will suit other babies should I have any more! The manufacturer has clearly put some thought into making this a simple product to use. There were no additional or unwanted straps. I particularly appreciated the well laid out and comprehensive but easy to follow information booklet that was included. Not only was it straightforward to work out how to use, but it also provided helpful tips for getting baby in and out of the sling solo. It folds to be quite compact which is helpful when putting in the car boot or travelling with it.

Nicola: The carrier is of good quality and eye-catching. It folds up small when needing to pack it away, but also doesn’t feel flimsy when in use. The material would keep the baby warm in winter, but is also breathable and includes a foldaway sunshade for the warmer months. As I went for long walks, I didn’t feel like the carrier was pulling on any certain parts and felt like the weight was well distributed across my back. 

Charlene: I would highly recommend this product to other mums as it is made of good quality, soft material. It “feels” good quality and well-made. I do believe with carriers that you get what you pay for. Ergonomically it’s been very well thought out to meet the needs and comfort of the user, it doesn’t involve a lot of fiddly clips or poppers which is a bonus. Once you get the hang of it. It is quick and easy to use.

How did this product make your life easier?

Katharine: I love being able to carry my baby and keep my hands free, especially when running around after a toddler. The carrier is also good for taking walks with the little one without the hassle of a pushchair. Once it is set up it is easy to pop on and off so it is convenient for use around the home as well as when you’re out and about.

Lauren: I found the Tula was easy to put on and relatively simple to configure after the initial use. Once I got the hang of it it was easy to adjust to suit different sizes and weights. I liked the fact that it’s able to be used both forward and backward facing, suiting babies of different ages and preferences without too much fuss. Ultimately the carrier frees up mum to be completing other tasks, whilst knowing that they remain comfortable and secure, particularly important for a baby who likes to be consistently held!

Claire: Using a carrier makes life much easier. From doing the housework to walking through the park and keeping your little one close to you. I have not had to use a pushchair or a pram since my baby was born, I just carry him everywhere and have my hands free! I really like that using a carrier allows you to have the extra skin to skin time with your little one which will get the happy hormones (oxytocin) flowing and can also help stimulate breastmilk production. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Nicola: I have used the BabyBjorn, Ergo and Connecta carrier, but really feel like this carrier offers something from them all. The stability, good structure and ease of fitting it on my own make this one of the best carriers I have used. The only thing that I found better about the BabyBjorn was the fact that you could fit it to yourself and then place the baby in it, whereas this needs to be done in tandem. But saying that, it’s very easy to use and has less clips than the Bjorn. I would place this in a close second behind the baby Bjorn, but think that carrying toddlers in this design is easier to manage. 

Toni: This carrier has been the most comfortable one we have tried so far. It's the first carrier that our child hasn't cried the whole time he was in it. It has been the easiest to set up (there aren't a million buckles to contend with!) and once the child's in it it feels incredibly secure compared to some other lower-end carriers we have used.

Jennifer: This is a very versatile carrier, and could potentially be the only one that you need from birth to toddler without requiring any additional cushions or straps. I think that this makes it quite unique and probably makes the slightly higher price worth it. Plus there are loads of lovely fabrics and the cotton is certified as ecologically safely produced. The design is really well thought through which makes it really easy to use.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexandra: There is very little I would change about this item. I personally had no complaints and found that I could carry my baby around with ease, and had no safety concerns. Whilst I liked the way that it was very soft and rather unformed, and this also made it easier to fold and pack away, I can believe that some people may require a more structured item and in particular more stiffness and therefore support around the waistband. In fact, I wonder if this may become more of an issue as my baby gets larger and heavier. I doubt that there is a 'one size fits all' for any sling and therefore it would be advisable to try and trial a sling prior to purchase.

Katharine: Like other carriers, the Tula Explore has many adjustable features to make it suitable for different ages. This means it is quite complicated to get set up initially. The instruction booklet is very clear and descriptive but you do need to spend a bit of time getting to know how it works. I found my local Sling Library was really useful for this, they are familiar with the Tula brand and were able to talk me through how to use it as well as some tips and tricks for getting it on and off easily.

Nicola: I would like a summer and winter version, but maybe that is just me being fussy! Apart from that I wouldn’t change a thing, the Tula has got this design spot on and when wearing it out and about it received plenty of compliments from other mums. Ultimately, there has been a serious consideration as to how to design this carrier to optimise its use, and Tula hasn’t given themselves much room for improvement, as it really is excellent. 

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