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Bambino Mio baby and beyond change bag Review

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  • 2020 Bronze Best Baby Changing Bag Awards

At a glance:

Make changing your little one's nappy easy and efficient with Bambino Mio's baby and beyond change bag. This bag is incredibly spacious to fit all the essentials you'll need for your baby or toddler, with a unique, waterproof 'messy' pocket to store the dirty ones and a unisex style for all of the family. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: I think this product makes your life easier as a mum as it is very big and easy to use. There are lots of compartments for all your things for the baby and yourself. There is also a messy pocket which is good for when you have things like loose wet wipes etc. It is well made and good design. It is also a nice bright colour.

Hayley: This product makes life easier as a mum for many different reasons. Firstly the number of pockets on the bag itself it's brilliant. There is literally a place for everything you could possibly need. I think pockets make life easier so everything you need isn't just shoved into one place which can make it very difficult to find. I love the way there are different options to carry the bag. I find using it as a back pack was easiest.

Jade: The Baby and Beyond change bag makes my life easier as a mum because it has many different compartments to fit all of baby's (and mums) bits and pieces without having to take additional bags to fit it all in. It also has an adjustable strap so you can use it as a shoulder bag or a backpack for convenience and the shoulder straps are padded for comfort. The bag also comes with pram clips so that it can be attached to the pram. There is also a sperate compartment to store reusable nappies which is also waterproof.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: I’d recommend this product to fellow parents based on its usability. The bag has so many great pockets, I barely needed to use the main section (where everything gets inevitably lost in any bag!) The sections and compartments are much more flexible than other bags I have used, with lots of options on how to organise the contents as opposed to clear intended uses which can sometimes be restrictive. The bag definitely has longevity beyond the early baby years and could function as a useful backpack alone – however, I do feel this benefit comes at the cost of the style.

Charlotte: I would recommend this product as I think it is well made and easy to use. It is a good price and a good design. I liked that it has multi straps especially the backpack strap as makes life easier when you have a baby and a toddler and little hand space. I liked the different compartments especially the messy pocket.

Felsa: I would recommend this product as I feel it is very handy for day-to-day activities you can pack everything in it as it’s very spacious and has lots of compartments also very handy being a rucksack style bag so your hands are free to hold your baby I think it’s great I have been telling everyone about it. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: The main advantage and its main selling point are that it is made by and directed towards the use of reusable nappies which in this day and age is a huge advantage. It is also light, spacious and easy to pick up and go. It may be gimmicky but I also liked the little keyring that accompanied the bag. Even my husband who’s not an ‘accessories’ man commented on how he liked it.

Charley: Erm this bag has everything you need for practicality and convenience but I don’t think I’d personally choose this product as it’s not the best looking, and I also prefer changing bags that match my pram as I’m a-bit clinical like that. But other than that, I would choose this bag all day long as no other bag I’ve seen has this much space. 

Natalie: Although this product has many different compartments and is great to fit so much in, I would not personally buy this design again - one of the things I found difficult to get on with is the short handles of the bag that make it very difficult to hang over the buggy or put over my shoulder if I am popping into a friends etc it would definitely make it easier if you could adjust the main handles.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hayley: This question is very easy for me to answer. The only downside to this changing bag would be how much it cost on the market to others bags. I wouldn't say many mothers would give it a chance because of how much it costs. Which is a massive shame because I think more mums would use it if they could afford such a bag. Personally for me if it hadn't of been for testing it I more than likely would have taken one look at the price and walked away.

Felsa: The only thing I would change about the bag would be the colour I think there need to be more options in the colour of the bag as I’m not massively keen on the blue I would’ve preferred it in a black, so that is my only criticism because apart from that the bag is brilliant Just wish they offered more colour options than just that blue. 

Jade: One thing I would change about the baby and beyond bag is the colour. It is unisex so I understand why it is blue, however, I personally just find the colour a bit dull. Maybe a grey or beige would be nicer or even if it was available in a number of different colours then you could choose the colour you want based on preference. However that is the only thing, everything else about the bag is amazing so I think the colour in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter as the bag is so practical in all other aspects.

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