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Bubble and Pop Baby Changing Bag Review

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Bubble and Pop Baby Changing Bag at a glance:

The Bubble & Pop baby changing bag features a unique pocket labelling system that you can personalise to suit you and your baby's indiviual needs. It zips all the way down at the front for easy access and with no less than 12 pockets, it fits absolutely everything you need when you're out and about with baby. It also comes with a foldable changing mat, stroller clips to suit any buggy and a padded shoulder strap. Featuring bold, vibrant prints and bright colours this baby bag will put a smile on your face while helping you stay super organised.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Kerry Berry says: I love the funky design this bag has and it is certainly an attention grabber as I’ve had several people ask where I got it from! My favourite thing about this product are the cute little labels that can slip inside the pocket windows so that you never need to rummage around for anything as you always know just where everything is.

Terri Bethell says: It’s certainly helped as it’s means I can pack the bag for the whole week and everything has a place and I just check it the night before and because you can label things exactly how and where you’d like them, you can see what you need and what you’re missing etc. Means no more rushing around the morning of a trip out trying to grab and forget (especially if you’re me!) essential items! I love that you can move the labels around too, so if you need more space for bigger trips so more items you can adjust where you put things.

Kay Bibi: The bubble and pop changing bag really helps busy, time-strapped mums stay organised. It also gave me the comfort to know I would be able to find things inside quickly thanks to the handy compartments, labelling system and full zip. All three features make it easy to identify which items are missing or need a top-up before leaving the house!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Alexandra Bradbury says: As a third time mom I need things that keep me organised and make my life easier. This bag does both. The quality of the material is great and easy to clean. I think the labels are genius and keep me from rummaging in every pocket looking for a certain thing e.g. a dummy. It also comes with a shoulder strap and straps for hanging on the pram which are great so I don’t have to buy separate straps or carry a heavy bag round all the time.

Amy Brain says: I would recommend this product to other mums because of its spacious interior and the extra little things it comes with, like the changing mat and buggy straps for example. Being a mum of two under two i needed a bag which could hold all the nappies, clothes, snacks and soothers of both and this bag does the job. I usually choose plain coloured bags to match in with my pushchair that dont stand out so this was very different for me, but i must say i love it. Its a great design and lovely colour. This changing mat can be washed in the washing machine which is another great bonus and the ouside of the bag is wipeable and waterproof.

Harriet Norton says: I would definitely recommend this product to other mums. Both the internal design and the external pattern of fishes is fantastic. My daughter loves looking at the fishes, and this provides a great distraction for her to focus on during nappy changes! The labels that are included for the pockets are a great added touch.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Claire Stannard says: I haven't tried the other bags in this category, but I certainly feel that this bag is a worthy contender to win this award. It offers a really bright and vibrant range of designs which are super colourful and fun. It has a number of fab features that I've never known in any other change bags, but that really do make a difference to parents. I would like to see this change bag win.

Michaela Symes says: Yes! This bag is amazing and all you need. The designs you can get are great and the labels make the bag unique to you. Having to make sure I have enough room in a bag for 2 children was a worry but being able to fit everything in this bag makes getting out the house just that bit easier. I loved having a backpack changing bag when I had my first daughter but I did use to store it in the basket on long walks, and this bag gives you the option to carry it across your body, arm or off the pram so it gives you three alternative to transporting the bag and it would fit in a basket if you wanted it to. The design patterns are lovely as well. I was given the Coral Reef bag and after looking on their website its not the design I personally would choose but there were 3 other designs I would have struggled to pick from.

Kerry Berry says: It would be great if they offered a slightly plainer option for the bag in addition to the funky designs. Although I am a big fan, I would imagine there may be some people that really like the bag’s huge positives such as the wide opening zipper, classy looking pocket labels etc but may be put off by the eclectic style. Offering a plainer fabric option may attract these potential buyers.

What changes would you make to this product?

Terri Bethell says: If I’m really nitpicking then the only thing, would maybe include some blank labels you can write things on that you may take out for your baby, for your own individual circumstances. But quite honestly this bag is worth its weight in gold, so without the above suggestion, I would still purchase this bag! It’s beautiful and fantastically made and with 4 children, a godsend!

Kay Bibi says: I would change the print and colours of this bag to make it a bit more elegant and stylish. I wasn't a fan of the brown edging and the print wasn't particularly nice. The bags features are good but it needs to look good too! Also, if it came in a backpack style design but with the same number of compartments and a zip around feature that would be amazing.

Alexandra Bradbury says: Personally I’m not keen on the vibrant “hippy” style designs. I prefer neutral colours that go with everything. So the one thing I would change is to have a more plain design option. Most bags I have seen on the market offer a black, grey or tan colour bag which I think would match all outfits and prams.

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