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Nuna Diaper Bag Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Baby Changing Bag Awards

At a glance:

The Nuna diaper bag can be worn over the shoulder, cross-bodied or as a backpack. The luxe leatherette tote handle and smart and stately design give an elegant look to his changing bag. It features an insulated bottle bag, wipe-clean changing mat and integrated luggage sleeve which fits tablets and laptops up to 13 inches in. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lucy: It looks really nice and not like other changing bags. It’s more sophisticated. The design is great, it’s not a massive bag so it doesn’t feel cumbersome but has plenty of room for all the items I need for my baby. I like the strap options which means you can carry it in different ways depending on what you’re doing and what you already have to carry.

Sue: I'm not sure that I would recommend this product. It’s lovely quality but it’s less practical than many other bags I’ve seen and used. I found the design, although stylish, boring as it is just black and plain. I think it would show stains easily. The zip opening is too small and there aren’t enough compartments for wet or dirty clothes/muslins.

Nicola: The bag feels nice quality. The magnetic fastening to pull the change mat closed was a nice touch. The zips, pulls and clasps are all beautifully designed. There is a section at the front which is like a faux suede finish and would hold a small laptop or tablet nicely so it would be a stylish bag for a multitasking mum.

How did this product make your life easier?

Elizabeth: At first I really liked this bag. It looked like it was high quality, was spacious, had lots of sections, pockets and places for things to go so you could find things quickly. However, it wasn't as easy to use as I would have liked after trying it out. It is big and boxy so it didn't fit under our pushchair and it didn't attach easily elsewhere. I found it quite uncomfortable to actually use as a backpack as it was pretty heavy before putting anything in it.

Abi: I struggled to use this bag as my main nappy bag. The bag itself was very bulky, however inside there wasn’t enough space! We use cloth nappies so need to carry a little bit extra. Once I had packed everything in the main compartment I couldn’t actually use all the little pockets and organisers. The separate changing bag/mat was helpful when using public facilities as space is always at a premium and having everything I needed on the changing table definitely helped.

Anna: The versatility of the changing bag was great. I loved that it could be worn over the shoulder, as a backpack or cross-bodied. My husband and I were equally happy to use it as it was sufficiently gender neutral. The size of the bag was just right, although if you do use the changing pad and bottle holder you may struggle to get everything else in that you need. Some other bags on the market may have the edge over this bag on capacity but it is very sleek and is not too bulky. It has the added bonus of storing tablets/laptops which is useful.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: It comes beautifully packaged and you're clearly buying a statement piece of high-end luggage as it is comparable to the finest of handbags. 

Shelley: Based on the price I think there are other changing bags on the market that do the same job at a much cheaper price. I would say that this bag seems smaller than others and doesn't have the wow factor as it looks quite plain and not as pretty as some others. The separate change mat with the different pockets and the size of this change mat makes it stand out and is the main feature that enhances this product.

Lucy: This is a difficult decision as I love the bag. The design and features of this bag make it stand out from others I have seen. I think it suits a wider audience than most changing bags, however, the price is far higher than I would normally pay. I think for those who want a normal looking bag, they may be tempted to buy a handbag or backpack for a much cheaper price.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lucy: I found it difficult to hook it onto my pushchair which is where I would normally put a bag. Carrying it around with other stuff like scooters and pushchair was extra work for me. I have three children so carry a lot of stuff and I need a bag that I can get into quicker and more easily.

Sue: The main opening of the bag is too small to rummage around for what you need, one-handed with a baby on your knee! The zip was annoying and there aren’t enough compartments to put things that are dirty for example. You can’t get to your wet wipes in a hurry and the changing pod only holds a couple of nappies comfortably (I usually take five on a day out).

Nicola: I would prefer a different fabric. It looks very nice but it's really very tricky to get the marks off. I also wonder how waterproof it is. I didn't use it while I was raining but I suspect it wouldn’t cope well. I would also like the change clutch to have an optional handle.

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