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Zellie Adventure Changing Bag Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Baby Changing Bag Awards

At a glance:

This bag brings more than a touch of class with its tasteful design on a coated wipe-clean fabric. Use it as a hospital bag, pram bag and versatile baby changing station. The Adventure Bag range makes clever use of space to help you keep everything you need to take care of your baby within arm’s reach. The unique opening at the top means you can have a birds-eye view of your kit – no more playing lucky dip.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Georgina: I would recommend this changing bag to fellow parents for city life. It is really two bags in one, which is great. The hidden features such as many different zips/pockets are really useful. I think this bag would last a long time so despite being quite pricey it is worth the investment. The quality seems good, there are several colours and prints to choose from which should suit all tastes.

Aisha: I would recommend the Zellie Adventure bag because it is very useful to have one bag which fits in everything you need for your baby. It’s big enough to use before birth as a hospital bag and I can definitely see myself using this for overnight trips/holidays. The bag has a small handle so you can carry it in your hand, on your arm or over your shoulders and it feels very comfortable. It has four very spacious pockets one of which can contain all of baby’s changing items and a big wipe-clean, waterproof changing mat.

Holly: This bag is beautiful and I cannot recommend it enough. It has so many pockets. It also comes with a smaller bag which I'm using to put nappies and wipes in as it's much easier to just nip to the loo with a smaller bag. The material is great. I just give it a wipe over to clean it. I love the pattern as it's so girly and cute!

How did this product make your life easier?

Kirsty: I have found this bag to be super handy as a bag for one child when going away for the weekend or out for a day trip. We were able to pack all the thing necessary for an overnight stay away from home like food, clothes and toys. It is useful for two children as a day-to-day changing bag. It’s made with a durable vinyl which is easy to keep clean and the additional little clutch bag for extra stuff or as a nappy bag makes it easy to nip away for nappy changes without carting a big bag with you.

Joanna: This change bag is great. It looks stylish, has so many great functions and is large enough for all my stuff. The smaller bag is useful for a quick outing and the larger bag worked as a great hospital bag as it fits everything in. The changing mat is brilliant and washes easily. It works great with the wide base making it easy to put down to get things out.

Helen: I love all the different pockets which enable me to organise the changing bag very easily. This is especially helpful when your little one needs an urgent nappy change! With previous changing bags, I’ve had to tip everything out in order to find what I need while still holding on to my baby! The bag is bigger than other changing bags which allows me to take everything I need.

Would you choose this product to win?

Ernesta: Yes I would. It is big and fits everything you need in one bag. It is very useful for taking away with you, has a lovely design, is good quality, easy to clean and waterproof. It has loads of pockets for anything you need for both baby and toddler. It’s a winning product for me as with most other bags space is limited.

Kylie: The internal design of this bag is fantastic. It's an easy bag to keep organised. You would be able to find whatever you needed for your baby with the click of your fingers and all the pockets are really generous so I think it would be an ideal bag for multiples. The bottle pocket is big enough to hold a toddler's cup which means the bag will easily grow with your child (something not found in other changing bags). The Poppins pouch for me is unique and definitely fills a gap in the changing bag market.

Serena: I would choose this product over many others on the market as I feel it has more to offer than many leading brands. The style/quality of the material is great as it would be used very frequently. The changing mat matches the bag perfectly. I think is reflected in the price as it is more in the top end of the price range.

What changes would you make to this product?

Georgina: There are several choices of colour or print but I would like to see even more options. Due to the versatility of the bag, a wider range of colours would mean that the bag would appeal to everyone. I like the idea of different fabrics too such as a tan leather or cream leather.

Aisha: The only thing I would change about Zellie Adventure is the number of prints it is available in. Although I do love the unisex print which my husband isn’t shy of carrying around, I would love to see this superb changing bag in different prints such as floral and colourful ones.

Rebecca: One thing that I would change about the Zellie Adventure Bag would be to make it more daily changing bag friendly. Possibly adding some straps so you could carry it on your back if you wanted. This would enable you to have two free hands to hold a baby and toddlers hand. Even having adjustable pram straps so you could alter the length to suit the style of your pram.

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